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How do I fix Kuali Build or Kuali Research when it loads to a blank page?

Kuali Build and Kuali Research only work with the two most recent versions of any browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge). Kuali's preferred browser is Google Chrome, so if you're not using Google Chrome, please install it and try loading Kuali again. If you're using Chrome and the browser loads to a blank page when accessing Kuali Build or Kuali Research, please try the steps below.

  1. Clear cache and cookies: Clear cache & cookies - Computer - Google Account Help
  2. Update Google Chrome: How to Update Chrome to the Latest Version - Google Chrome

If you continue to have issues with loading Kuali Build or Research, then most likely your browser is not supported or your computer will not allow further browser updates. Please reach out to your ITS building tech for further assistance.

Email for questions.