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Information on Providing a Debriefing Statement

“Debriefing” is a procedure that occurs at the conclusion of the human subject’s participation in the study through which the subject is provided the opportunity to discuss with the researcher the details of the research or the researcher provides additional information to the participants. 

A debrief statement is required for projects that use deception, or where emotional discomfort has been identified as a potential risk. Debrief statements may include some or all of the following information:

  1. If deception was involved, the debrief statement should include the information that was initially withheld from them at the start of their participation and an explanation on why it was necessary for the project;
  2. If the project involves potential for emotional discomfort, the debrief statement should include either SIUE Counseling information if the participants are SIUE students, or the National Mental Health Hotlines if participants are not SIUE students;
  3. Additionally, the researcher may suggest an open discussion for participants to share their experiences in the research.

If you project includes deception or potential emotional discomfort of participants, please make sure you have included a debrief statement as an attachment to your IRB protocol.