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Functions & Pivot Charts

This exercise provides practice with importing external data; COUNTA, COUNTIF, AVERAGE, MAX, MEDIAN, MIN, and SUM functions; Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts; cell and worksheet formatting; inserting worksheets; and using data range names to summarize and analyze collected statistics.

Attached are two (2) files: Instructions and a text file to import. Please right-click each link, download or save to a location where you can easily find them, and then open the Instructions file for step-by-step instructions to begin your work. No need to open the text file!

Functions & Pivot Charts Video

Disclaimer: Instructions for each exercise are written in MS Office 2016 on a PC. All videos demonstrate completing exercises using Windows 10 and MS Office 2016. If you are using a Mac computer, a Mac version of MS Office, an older PC operating system, or a different version of MS Office, you may notice differences. Remember, Google can be your best friend when it comes to technology questions!


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