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A liberal arts education will help you develop the critical-thinking and problem-solving skills needed for success in the workplace. The College of Arts and Sciences, commonly known as CAS, offers more than 50 degree programs. Whatever you choose to study, your degree will prepare you for future success. Explore what each of our programs has to offer or contact an academic advisor to learn more. Visit ADVISEMENT for more information.


If you are a people person, an education in a communication related area may be for you. Whether verbal, nonverbal, or written good communication skills are essential in our global economy. Study focused on communication will help you develop the ability to interact effectively with others – both interpersonally and through various forms of media.


Does the nature and behavior of the material and physical universe fascinate you? Pursuing a degree in science can help you better understand what makes up the world in which you live. Science graduates develop multiple sought after skills in our highly technological world today and the demand for students with an education in science is expected to grow.

People & Culture

In an increasingly globally connected world understanding the complexities of human experiences and culture is invaluable. Do you want to be challenged intellectually and learn how to think outside the box? A degree in the people and culture category will help you better understand and appreciate the world in which you live and provide the flexibility you may need for success in a wide variety of rewarding careers

Visual & Performing Arts

Do you want to enhance your creativity? Programs in the visual and performing arts involve study of human creativity. Whether you study art, design, dance, music, or theater, you will develop an appreciation of the arts and an understanding of the fundamentals needed for a career in the visual and performing arts.


Mathematics deals with structure, order, measurements, and relationships of objects or groups of objects, and is a foundation to success in many areas. If you enjoy problem solving, you may be ideally suited to study mathematics. As nearly all degrees require a solid background in mathematics, studying this field can lead to a wide variety of rewarding careers.

Teacher Education

Are you interested in teaching? Secondary education and K12 programs will provide you a solid background in the content area to pursue the certification you need to teach the field you love. You will study your subject area field in CAS as you develop professional skills for a future career as a teacher.

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