Society of Chinese Students (P.R.China)



Brief Introduction


The Society of Chinese Students (SCS) was founded under the name of Chinese Students Association in 1983. In  1995, our organization was renamed to Society of Chinese Students (P. R. China).  

Our activities include:
1) Providing informative guidelines and helping incoming Chinese students;
2) Participating in SIUE international events and the Spring Festival;
3) Arranging cultural events to promote Chinese culture;
4) Celebrating Chinese traditional festivals such as Spring Festival and  Mid - Autumn Festival.
5) Arranging some seasonal activities, such as BBQ, Peach Picking, Sailing, etc. to help building close relationship between our members. 

For further information or if you have any questions, please contact us.


            Published By: Society of Chinese Students
            Last Update: 02/20/2004