An e-Lert Has Been Issued
5/27 Saturday @ 5:20am
SIUE e-Lert:CRIME BULLETIN SIUE Police Department INCIDENT(S): KIDNAPPING/SEXUAL ASSAULT LOCATION: COUGAR VILLAGE LOT 4D - EDWARDSVILLE CAMPUS DATE/TIME: MAY 27, 2023 AT ABOUT 12:30 A.M. On Saturday, May 27, 2023 a female reported she was taken against her will from Cougar Village parking lot 4D and driven to North St. Louis. The female reported she was held at gunpoint during the drive before being sexually assaulted in Missouri. The female reported she was an acquaintance of black male suspect. The female reported being pushed from the vehicle after the assault where she called local police. SUSPECT(S) DESCRIPTION: Light skinned black male, approximately 6'1 inches tall with short dark hair and a short patchy beard last seen wearing black jogging pants and a light orange or pink t-shirt. SUSPECT VEHICLE: Gray or Silver Hyundai 4-door sedan, possibly with mild front end damage. STATUS: Currently under investigation. If you have any information that may assist with this investigation, please contact the SIUE Police Department at 650-3324. SAFETY PRACTICES: Crime reduction on campus requires the continued active support of the University community. Following are crime prevention tips that will help achieve that goal: • Do not walk alone at night. • Park in well-lit areas. • Be prepared by having your car or residence keys in your hand as you approach the door. • Always let someone know where you are and where you are going. • When going on a date, have an idea of where you are going and be suspicious of sudden changes to the plan. Let someone know if your original location is changed. • Be aware of your level of intoxication. Alcohol and drugs are often related to sexual assault. Alcohol dulls the senses and impairs your ability to assess situations. It may make you oblivious to the increasing danger of a situation, and it may make it harder to gauge your partner’s emotions. • Get your own drinks and don’t accept drinks from other people, except someone you know and trust. • Never leave your drink unattended. If you leave your drink unattended for any reason, do not drink from it when you return. Obtain a fresh drink. • Use the “buddy system.” When you go to a party or some other social event, it is a good idea to plan to leave with your friends. When you choose to leave, make sure you or your friends will not be left alone. • Be aware of your surroundings. Visually scan the area by looking 360 degrees around you (side to side and front to back). If at a party, stay in the “party area” where most people are congregating. Avoid empty rooms or floors. • Trust your gut feelings. If you feel that you are in a dangerous situation or that you are being pressured, you are probably right. If you are uncomfortable with someone’s behavior or feel threatened, remove yourself from the situation. • If you feel apprehensive about walking on campus, take advantage of the Escort Service provided by the University Police by calling 650-3324. • Watch out for other people’s safety and welfare as you would like them to watch out for yours. If you see something that looks suspicious, REPORT IT! If you are the victim of a sexual assault, your first priority is to get to a place of safety. Report the sexual assault to the University Police (650-3324 or 911) or local police if off campus as soon as possible. Time is a critical factor for evidence collection and preservation. The victim of a sexual assault should not shower, use sanitary products, use the restroom, change clothes, or touch anything the suspect may have touched. A victim of sexual assault should seek medical attention at a hospital and may contact SIUE Counseling Services at 650-2842. Sexual assault victims may also pursue a complaint under SIUE’s Sexual Harassment Policy by contacting 650-2332. Keep your eyes open and, please, if you see it or hear it, report it immediately!
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