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Andreas Noe and Carolina Harth

My Great Great Great Grandparents:
Georg Jacob Noe and his two wives

My ultimate research goal is to not only reconstruct the Noe side of the family in much greater detail, but also to frame its history to some degree in the world's history. On March 14, 2002, I was able to find confirmation of the arrival of Georg Jacob Noe with his family in New York. This data is given in the table below. According to the key in the reference, "CULT" = "Cultivator," "BD" = "Baden," and "000" = "Unknown village."

From: Havre          
To: New York          
Arrived: 14 June 1852          
Noe, George 46 M CULT BD000 USA
Marie 40 F      
Jacob 18 M      
Andreas 16 M      
Heinrich 11 M      
Louis 14 M      
Carl 08 M      
Philippine 06 F      
Daniel 04 M      
Eva 02 F      

Georg Jacob Noe was born in Niederbexbach, Bavarian Pfalz, (see this map) on the first day of spring, March 21, 1807 to Jacob Noe and Magdalena Flikinger. [BCRP] (These are two of my 64 great great great great grandparents!) Niederbexbach is a tiny "Dorf" south of Bexbach, just a few miles east northeast of the French border in the area of Germany known as the Saar. Like most of my german ancestors, Georg Jacob probably grew up knowing farming in a hamlet. George Jacob emmigrated from Niederbexbach with his family in the spring of 1852. [TBO]

Georg Jacob's first wife was Elisabetha Klein, daughter of Theobald Klein and Magdalena Zerala. She is called Elizabeth Blinn in TBO and Marie in GTA. She also was born in Niederbexbach in 1813. [BCRP] Looking at the bare statistics from the Berg Church records, we know so little of Elisabetha, and yet the contours of her life stand out so clearly, and are tinged with motherhood, hard work, and an early death at the age of 40 (19 Dec 1853, in Salem Twp.).[BCRP] It is entirely possible that Elisabetha died in childbirth. I have no concrete evidence to prove this, but in light of the regularity of the Noe children's birth every two or three years, it certainly could have happened.

  • While we do not have an exact date for the marriage of Georg Jacob and Elisabetha, she bore their first child, Jacob, on 17 Sep 1832 [BCRP], Oct 1833, [TBO]. She probably was married, then, in her late teens. She continued to bear their children every two or three years for the next twenty years. On 11 Feb 1858 he married Margaretha Harth.
  • Her second child was my great great grandfather, Andreas Noe, born 9 Nov 1835. On 23 Jun 1859 he married Carolina Hearth.
  • Georg Ludwig was born on 26 Jul 1837 and died on 7 Jun 1925. Incidentally, someone has written on the copy of the Berg Church Records that George Ludwig was in the Civil War: [Co. B, 39 O.V.I.] Another notation shows that he married Elizabeth Wilking on Sept. 11, 1865.
  • Heinrich Jacob was born 12 Apr 1839. On 17 May 1866 he married Louisa Schultheiss.
  • Jacob (sic), Sept. 29, 1842
  • Karl was born 16 Jan 1844. On 22 Sep 1970 he married Juliana Schneider.
  • Philippine was born 4 Feb 1846, TBO. On 3 Nov 1864 she married Peter Pfaff.
  • Daniel was born 26 Feb 1848.
  • Eva was born 12 Apr 1850.

Georg Jacob waited just 9 months until he married again, in August, 1854, this time to the widow Katharina Zumbro Rothenbuch. Katharina Zumbro was born in August of 1810 to Franz Zumbro and Anna Elisabetha Schneiter in Soetern, Grand Duchy of Oldenburg. We do not have dates, but her first husband, Karl Rothenbuch, died in Soetern. Karl and Katharina had two children, Margaretha Rothenbuch, born in the Autumn of 1840 and Karl Rothenbuch, born on Christmas Day in 1844.

We don't know how Georg met Katharina. We also don't know whether Georg Jacob took his family directly to Washington County, Ohio, or whether there was some time lag between their departure from Niederbexbach and their arrival on Pleasant Ridge.


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