Andris Genealogy (Darquennes)
    History of the Glassblowing Andres Name (Lannois)
    Gen 0: Jean Andres 1636
    Gen 1: 1676-1696 Children of Jean Andres and Marie Faller
    Gen 2: 1704-1720 Children of Jean Joseph Andres/Ursula Hocquemiller
    Gen 3: 1732-1751 Children of Jean Andris/Marguerite Engelhart
    Gen 4: 1766-1793 Children of Robert Jh Andris/Marie Thérèse Lefebvre
    Gen 5: 1797-1817 Children of Louis Jh Andrisse/Marie Jh (Thérèse) Brewer
    Gen 6: 1845-1857 Children of Nicolas Jh Andrisse/Hortense Dandois
    Gen 7: 1872-1891 Children of Arthur Andris/Louise Lebrun
    Gen 8: 1894-1910 Children of Arthur Louis Nicolas Andris/Elisa Beaumez and Victorine Dorval
    List of currently verified family history records
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The Darquennes/Gobbe Genealogy of the Jean Andris/Marie Faller Line

In 2003, André Darquennes and Frédéric Gobbe produced a 450 page book which traces the descendants of Jean Andris and Marie Faller. I was fortunate that André gave me a copy of this provocative and fascinating work. Written in French, it has taken me a while to translate enough of it to appreciate it. So far, I have translated some of the background history and the direct proposed line that leads to me.

As valuable as this document is, and I do appreciate its value, I have found that it is also controversial. Suffice it to say that some experienced genealogists have expressed to me that they have not been able to confirm all the linkages that have been proposed in this book, especially the earlier ones.

Since I and my relatives have a vested interest in the veracity of this proposed genealogy, I have determined that it is in my interest to pursue the matter. To that end, I have done the following things:

  1. I have placed my own translation of that portion of the Darquennes/Gobbe genealogy that relates directly to my own line on the internet, making it as easy as possible for English-speaking individuals to assist me in checking it out.
  2. I wrote and asked André for permission to do this, but have not heard from him so far. However, since a) I am not publishing the entire document, but only the portion that relates to my family, b) since I am treating it as a research resource and commenting on it in order to get to the truth, and c) since I am giving proper credit, I have determined that it is indeed appropriate for me to do this.
  3. I have begun the long project of verifying at least the significant parts of the document that will allow me to establish my genealogical line. Wherever I have viewed validated copies of primary documents or the documents themselves, I have placed a blue star () beside the specific date that is verified. I am maintaining a list of currently verified family history records.
  4. I appreciate any and all sincere comments on this part of my website, and commit to serious consideration of opinions. Persons who do so, however, should be prepared to possibly have their name printed with the information they provide, or alternatively, if they do not wish to have their name printed, I may disregard the information.
  5. The line given in the menu is only one of two most likely lines. In fact, I figured it out myself from the Darquennes genealogy. The one that he proposed (given under Alternate Genealogy) seems possible but less likely or confirmed. (But neither has been entirely confirmed.)

André DARQUENNES and Frédéric GOBBE, On the traces of glass-makers: The ANDRIS(SE) Family (A partial translation by Jim Andris), GENEALOGICAL ASSOCIATION OF the BELGIAN HAINAUT a.s.b.l., Charleroi, July, 2003.