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Andreas Noe and Carolina Harth

My mother's recollections of 
Andrew (Andreas) Noe and Caroline Hart(h) (pre-research)

[Editor's note: please note that research conducted at a later time than this interview has basically confirmed these two stories. More interestingly, the research shows that "Dammie" Noe married Abraham Fickeisen's son Adam, and that they had a child Ida.]

Everything that I have on this line of the family tree is based on my mother's recollection. Here are two separate stories told at different times.

Story 1

Lester Noe was the son of John Noe. He went to Germany during the WorldWar II, went to Bonn and Strausburg to county records. Both places had been bombed and burned down. He was in the Navy, maybe in the north. He also stopped in Amsterdam or Rotterdam on leave. Virginia Meyers Noe was my 9th grade English teacher.

Louis, John and Jake were of a family of six brothers and one sister. The sister was called "Dammie", because the children of Ida, her daughter,who married a Moellendick (Phil) couldn't pronounce her name. Accordingto Lorene, Dammie was very jealous of Grandma Noe. Aunt Ella came up when Dammie was on deathbed. Grandma refused to go, even though Ella said you should forgive. Said "I want no part of her." Grandma (Eva) said she was a liar. Dammie had tried to separate Lou Noe and Grandma. Dammie bought material that looked like a dress grandma had and gave it to a woman with a bad reputation, so that grandma would be blamed for things this woman did. According to my mother, Dammie was always making trouble for everybody.

Story 2

The family background of Clara Ida Noe's sister, Ella. Old man Mollendick came from Germany, and he had six sons and one daughter: Philip, Harry,Henry, Will, Carl, who had a son Carl, never married, lives in Hollywood,CA, and Carrie. Carrie married some Fickeisen.

Ella Noe was born August 21, 1882 and died in June of 1968. She marriedWilliam "Uncle Bill" Mollendick, born the same year, died in 1960.They settled in Washington Bottom. There is a tree there where George Washingtoncarved his initials. He was with his army and on the way to some battle.He slept there, rested up, shot game, had encampment for a few days. Thenhe headed north and east through Parkersburg, Clarksburg, Harper's Ferry.Also, the Mollendick farm is right across the Ohio River from BlennerhassetIsland, where Aaron Burr's farm was.

Their first child, Lowell, died in Grandma Eva Noe's arms as a boy.

Ina was born June 21, 1902. She married Jim Price, who was the same age and died about 1945. They had Mary Jean Price, who was born about 1928.Mary Jean married Bruce Sheppard and had three chikdren, Jimmie (1953),Carla and Cindy. Ina was married a second time to Walter Weber, who had a child, Bobbie (1931), by a former marriage.

Carl had two sons, Jack, who went to California and another one who stayed in Belpre.

Arthur Mollendick inherited the family farm. He married Christine Sotaw.They had two children, Charles Arthur, who had several children himself,and Joan. Joan married a Kaufman, had one boy, settled in Belleville, WestVirginia.

The twins, Evelyn and Elvin, never married.

Interview on 4/8/97

Where did Andrew Noe and Caroline Hart settle?

Pleasant Ridge. You know, Andrew Noe was quite a man. He was the one that loaned my old boss, N. E. Kidd, the money to become a lawyer. When he graduated, he wanted to pay Andrew back, but Andrew refused. So he saidthat he would always help out Andrew's descendants. That's how I got my first job. N. E. Kidd asked mom (Clara) how I was doing and she told him that I had had to quit school. So he paid my tuition to business college.I went through a 2 year program in 9 months. When I got out I was able totake 200 words a minute in shorthand and type 75 words a minute.

Were they married on Pleasant Ridge?

Well, I think they were married in Germany and settled in Stanleyville (Washington Co., OH), but I'm not sure.

So tell me how their son, Louis Noe, and grandma Eva Fickeisen Noe cameto settle on a farm in Hopewell, West Virginia?

Louis wanted to get married to Eva, and he asked his sister Dammie to look around for farms. Dammie heard about a farm in Hopewell (which is inWood County, West Virginia). Also, Aunt Kate Miller (Eva's sister) was living over back of Lubeck, WV. They're all buried over there in a cemetery. Sometime I'll show you where it is. When Louis got married, I think he was about 24, but his brothers, John and Jake, were around 8 or 9. There were other children, too. And you know the Moellendicks were all living over there in Washington Bottom (WV). Well, Old Man Moellendick was in Wheeling, that's where a lot of them met up, but his sons all moved to Washington Bottom. Actually, Harry and Henry, I think it was, had a grocery a few miles away at Martown, and Phillip and Fred lived in Washington Bottom.


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