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Andreas Noe and Carolina Harth

The children of Andreas Noe and Carolina Harth

If all these records are accurate, my great grandfather, Ludwig (Lou) Noe, was just barely born in wedlock five days after the marriage of his parents on June 28, 1859. He married Eve Fickeisen, daughter of Abraham and Margaret Müller Fickeisen, on Nov. 21, 1882 at the age of 23. His story will be told along with Eva's in the Fickeisen genealogy. Lou Noe died in 1904. We also have the 1860 Census data given below.

1860 Census of Washington Co., Oh, Fearing Twp. 178-187
Andreas Noe 24 Bavaria Farmer
Caroline 18 Bavaria  
Louis 11/12 Oh  

Heinrich Noe was born Sept. 10, 1861. He was baptized Dec. 15, 1861 at 5:00 p.m. Witnesses present were Heinrich Noe, Elisabetha Morgenstern, Christian Becker, Carolina  Berb(?), Philippina Mootz, Daniel Harth, Philippina Noe, Jacob Seiler, Margaretha Reiter, wife of Jacob Harth, Karl Dickes, Margaretha Hirsch wife of Jacob Noe, Johannes Becker, and Carolina Mootz wife of Jacob Becker.    

Carolina Noe was born Dec. 13, 1863. She was baptized April 10, 1864 at 1:00 p.m.  Witnesses were Carolina Morgenstern, Karl Reitenbach, Carolina Becker, Karl Noe, Margaretha Pfaff, Katharina wife of Theobald Harth, Jacob Becker and Daniel Becker.  This picture of Carolina Noe is taken with her husband, Adam Fickeisen. Carolina married Adam on Dec. 28, 1882. Note that her brother, Ludwig Noe, married Adam's sister, Eve, just a month earlier. We read in Carolina's obituary that she "died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Philip Moellendick, at Washington Bottom, W.Va. [on March 25, 1941]. . . She was born near Whipple and spent her early life there. She had lived in Wood County, W.Va. for many years." Other interesting information is contained in the obituary.

Mrs. Philip Moellendick was born Ida Marie Fickeisen on Oct. 5, 1883 in Fearing Twp. She was baptised on Dec. 26, 1883 and the witnesses were Johann Fickesen, Elisabetha Noe, Heinrich Noe and Luisa Fickeisen. According to my mother, three children came from this relationship, Odas, Harold, and Louise. See the account of Eva Fickeisen Noe for my mother's tales of Carolina "Dammie" Noe.

Daniel Noe born in 1867, either on June 25 or July 29.He was baptized Sept. 22, 1867 at 6:30 p.m. Witnesses were Elisabetha wife of Ludwig Noe, Lugwig Biehl, Luisa wife of Heinrich  Noe, Peter Pfaff, Elisabetha Buertel, Jacob Mueller, Eve Noe, Adam Schultheiss, Philippina Born, Daniel Noe, Emma Beck, Jacob Morgenstern, Elisabetha Berg and Jacob Becker. He married Carrie Berg on Nov. 9, 1893

Karl Noe born August 15, 1869 and was baptized Nov. 7, 1869 at 3:00 p.m. Witnessess were Katharina wife of Ludwig Biehl, Jacob Born, Katharina Morgenstern, Adam Reiter, Dorothea Margaretha Hirsch, Heinrich Gerhold, Amalia Berg, Ludwig Schulthiess and Katharina Becker.    

Andreas Noe was born Oct. 5, 1871 and was baptized Nov. 10, 1872 at 3:00 p.m. Witnesses were Barbara Schultheiss represented by her mother, Johann Becker, Martha Gerhold, Jacob Biehl, Margaretha Born, Theobald Harth, Margaretha Morgenstern, Daniel Becker, Louisa Eppler, Andreas Harth, Emma Berg and Andreas Noe. He married Anna May Schultheiss on March 2, 1904 and they resided in Cambridge. We learn from sister Carolina's obituary that "Andrew" was still living in Cambridge, Ohio at the time of her death.

Christian Noe was born Aug. 22 1874 and baptized Nov. 22, 1874  Witnessess were Jacob Berg, Louis Becker, Daniel Biehl, Jacob Born, Christian Becker, Elisabetha Schultheiss, Katharina Epler, Philippina Stephan, Karolina Noe, and Karolina Harth. He married Anna Loella Trappe on Oct. 24, 1912. She was born in Lowell, Ohio on May 17, 1885 to John and Mary Schob Trappe. Christian was tragically killed in a streetcar accident at the age of 39 on Tuesday, July 21, 1914. He was living in Beverly, Ohio with his wife at the time of his death. The accident was the subject of headlines and long stories in the Marietta Times for the rest of that week. The headlines screamed: "Just Like Brother" Says Dispatcher of Motorman his Confused Orders Sent to Death in Awful Wreck." You can read the details in this sequence of excerpts: 1) sobs with grief, 2) too late to stop, 3) injured doing well. Christian and Anna are both buried in the Greenlawn Cemetery in Lowell, Ohio.

Jacob A. Noe was born Jan. 2, 1877, and baptised by Rev. Mueller on Feb. 17, 1877. Witnesses were Jacob Noe and Margaretha Schultheisz. He married Nora Caroline Barth on Oct. 2, 1902. Nora was the daughter of Charles and Caroline Becker Barth.They had 2 sons: Lawrence born ca 1904 and Arthur was born in January, 1918. Jacob Noe died Jan. 3, 1953 and was buried on Jan. 6, 1953 in Valley Cemetery. From Jacob's obituary, we learn that Lawrence had two children, Sharon and Larry, and Arthur settled in Tuscon and had three children, David, Diane and Marianne.

Catherine Sams has also unearthed a bit of the history of Jacob and Nora's social life in 1913. In addition to finding out that they visited Ed Barth and family, this is a glimpse into the social life of Washington Co. on June 2, 1913.

John E. Noe was born on March 1, 1881 in Whipple, Ohio. He married Bertha E. Marsch age 18 on Feb. 1, 1906. (Bertha was also born in Washington Co. Ohio on Jan. 25, 1888, and was the daughter of Charles William & Margaret Young Marsch. John and Bertha had a son, Lester Eugene Noe. John's obituary states that he died Nov. 29, 1970 at Newport and was buried Dec. 1, 1970 in East Lawn Cemetery. Bertha died on Saturday, Oct. 21, 1944, according to her obituary. My mother told me it was the news that her son was going to be shipped into active duty on the German front during WW II that caused her death.

I was 32 years old when John died and can remember meeting and talking with him on many occasions in my life. He was my grandmother Clara's uncle, and since she lived with us after 1953, he was an important living relative of mine. Also, John's son, Lester, married my ninth grade English teacher, Virginia Myers Noe. Lester submitted an extensive article on the life of he and his wife to Washington County Ohio to 1980: a collection of topical & family sketches. Here it is in section 1 and section 2.