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Andreas Noe and Carolina Harth

The Story of Four Brothers

Church records show that the four brothers, Jacob, Andreas, Heinrich and Karl were with with their parents in 1854 when they emigrated. Jacob would have been not quite 22, Andreas, 18, Heinrich, about 15, and Karl, 10.

However, the story picks up in an interesting way in 1866. Now the brothers are 34, 30, 27, and 22, respectively. The first three brothers are now married, Heinrich has just married.

The Washington County Recorder of Deeds office shows that on October 18, 1866, the three Noe brothers, Jacob, Andreas and Heinrich, bought ajacent land in the far northwestern corner of Lawrence Township in Washington County, just a mile and a half from the already established farm of Abraham Fickeisen and Margaretha Müller, another eighth of my German ancestry. Jacob bought 9.3 acres for $142.76. Andreas bought another 36.1 + 1.26 +32.85 + 2 = 72.21 acres lying immediately south of Jacob's land for $553.47. Immediately south of that property lay Henry (Heinrich) Noe's 72 acres, purchased for $1104.26. I have prepared a map that shows the location of these farms in relation to the farm of another great great grandfather of mine, Abraham Fickeisen.

Furthermore, because of the Berg Church records (Personal Descriptions/Berg Church Membership/Church Business) we know a great deal more about the four of these sons of Georg Jacob Noe: Jacob, Andreas, Heinrich, and Karl. Jacob married at age 24, Andreas, at 23, Heinrich, at 27, and Karl, at 26. On Feb. 11, 1857, Jacob married Margaretha Harth, born Aug. 21, 1838 in Selchenbach, Bavarian Pfalz. On June 25, 1859, Andreas married Margaretha's younger sister, Carolina Hearth, born, April 24, 1841. On May 17, 1866, just five months before the three brothers bought the ajacent farms in Lawrence Township, Heinrich Jacob Noe married Luisa Schultheiss, born Aug. 18, 1846 in Dennweiler-Fronbach, Bavarian Pfalz. Finally, on Sept. 22, 1970, Karl Noe married Juliana Schneider born Jan. 2, 1852 in Pittsburgh, PA.

Both Andreas and Jacob had daughters named Carolina. Jacob's Carolina was born 8 May 1860. The witnesses were the Daniel Harth, Dorothea Hirsch and Philippina, wife of Daniel Hirsch (license No. 1351) Carolina maried Ludwig Biehl, son of Ludwig Biehl and Katharina Schultheiss. He was born 23 Jun 1862, Lawrence Twp. They were married 25 Oct 1883, 4:00 pm, Fearing Twp. Ludwig was also a brother of Heinrich Biehl who married Anna Fickeisen. (Marriages Berg Church 1874-1888, #38)

Margaretha Harth Noe gave birth to Philippina Noe on June 24, 1863. She was baptised on April 24, 1864 at 3:00 p.m. Witnesses were Jacob Becker, Elisabetha wife of Daniel Morgenstern, Adam Beck, Elisabetha wife of Jacob Seyler, Theobald Harth, Juliana wife of Daniel Becker, Heinrich Stamm, Carolina Becker, Peter Pfaff and Philippina Noe.

Karl Noe and Juliana Schneider had a daughter, Bertha Noe, born Sep. 30, 1875. The witnesses were Maria Schneider, Heinrich Noe, Karolina Noe, Wilhelm Moersch, Karolkna Hart, Daniel Becker, Katharina Eppler, Wilhelm Beck, Elisabetha Jung, Jacob Born, Maria Elisabetha Schumann, and Heinrich Weil.

We find in the Baptisms 1883 on the Hill Lowell that Johann Eduard Noe was born 1 Mar 1881 to Andreas and Carolina and baptised 28 Dec 1882 at 12 noon. The witnesses were Katharina Pfaff, Georg Noe, Jacob Harth, Elisabetha Noe, Johann Eduard Fickeisen (probably his namesake), and Philippina Noe.