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Burials in the Sitka Cemetery

Many years ago on a nice autumn day, my brother, Tom, my mother and I rode out Route 26 to the Sitka Cemetery. I took a picture or two and wrote down a dozen or so names and tombstone inscriptions in pencil on a piece of paper. They were mainly the names of Beckers buried there. My grandmother's sister, Kate Fickeisen married a Becker and was buried there in Sitka along with her husband and one of the sons. They had a farm just down the road.

Just the other day, I found that piece of paper, and it has proved a good start for a listing of Sitka burials on this website. If you have further information, I hope you will be tempted to add to it.

Created by Jim Andris, 22 Oct, 2007.
This would have been my father's 97th birthday.