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The Urban Studies minor at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is an interdisciplinary program dedicated to the cultivation of knowledge and skills pertaining to urban issues at the local, national, and global scales. A minor in Urban Studies will help prepare students to be informed, thoughtful, and engaged participants in an urban world by providing a broad program of study encompassing the social, cultural, geographical, historical, political, economic, and planning dimensions of cities and urban life.

Students desiring a minor in Urban Studies must complete 6 credit hours of required core courses and at least 12 credit hours of elective courses for a minimum 18 credit hours. Courses taken to fulfill minor requirements must come from at least two different academic departments. Students must pass all courses with a grade of “C” or better. Courses already counted toward a student’s major cannot be counted again for this minor unless approved by both the student's major program advisor and the Urban Studies Coordinator. Courses not listed among the electives may be acceptable if approved by the Urban Studies Coordinator.

Current Course Offerings

Program Requirements

Core Course Requirements (6 credit hours):

• GEOG 303 Introduction to Urban Geography

Any one of the following (remaining courses may be taken to fulfill elective requirements):

• GEOG 403 Advanced Urban Geography

• POLS 344 Urban Politics

• SOC 335 Urban Sociology

Elective Course Requirements (minimum 12 credit hours):

• ANTH 332 Origins of Old World Cities and States

• ANTH 333 Origins of New World Cities and States

• ANTH 411 Urban Anthropology

• CE 376 Transportation

• CJ 366 Race and Class in Criminal Justice

• CNST 264 Construction Surveying

• CNST 415 Land Development

• ECON 327 Social Economics: Issues in Income, Employment and Social Policy

• ECON 445 Economics of the Public Sector: State and Local

• EPFR 320 Foundations of Education in a Multicultural Society

• GEOG 402 Cultural Landscape

• GEOG 403 Advanced Urban Geography

• HIST 434a Modern Twentieth Century American History (1896-1945)

• HIST 434b Modern Twentieth Century American History (1945-present)

• HIST 442 The Black Urban Experience

• HIST 470 Preserving the American Past

• POLS 320 Introduction to Public Administration

• POLS 342 Issues in American Public Policy

• POLS 344 Urban Politics

• SOCW 303 Human Behavior in the Social Environment II

• SOCW 390 Diversity and Issues of Social and Economic Justice

• SOC 304 Race and Ethnic Relations

• SOC 309 Social Inequality

• SOC 335 Urban Sociology

Because the following courses have variable content, they require advance approval by the Coordinator of the Urban Studies minor:

• ANTH 350 Applied Anthropology

• CJ 390 Special Topics in Criminal Justice

• GEOG 451 Topics in Human Geography

• HIST 400 Topics in History

• PAPA 499 Seminar in Public Administration


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