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CAS Faculty Internationalization & Diversity Initiatives

Faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences continue to be involved in projects and initiatives with international focus and/or promotes diversity. Below is a list of faculty engaged in internationalization and/or diversity initiatives and a link to the full description of their initiatives.

Dr. Cory Ann Willmot
Department of Anthropology
Tel: 618-650-2748

Read about Dr. Willmott's involvement with the Great Lakes Research Alliance for the Study of Aboriginal Culture (GRASAC) and more.

Shelly (E.M) Goebl-Parker
Department of Art and Design
Tel: 618-650-3196

Read about Dr. Goebl-Parker's "Neighborhood Open Studios" collaborative project with the Creative Arts Therapies Department of Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, and more.

Dr. Eva Dreikurs Ferguson
Dept. of Psychology
Tel: 618-650-2202

Read Dr. Furguson's involvement with The International Committee of Adlerian Summer Schools and Institutes (ICASSI)

Dr. Michael Grossman
Dept. of Geography
Tel: 618-650-2376

Read about Dr. Grossman's collaborative research with colleagues from Seikei University, Tokyo, Japan.

Dr. Nancy Ruff
Dept. of English Lang and Lit
Tel: 618-650-3649

Read Dr. Ruff's involvement with the SIU Summer Ancient Legacies Study Abroad Programs

Dr. Anne Werner
Department of Engineering
Tel: 618-650-5191

Read about Dr. Werner's course on international construction (megaprojects).

Dr. Shunfu Hu
Department of Geography
Tel: 618-650-2281

Read Dr. Hu's collaborative research with universities in China - Nanjing University, Nanjing Normal University, and Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology.

Dr. Steve Tamari
Department of Historical Studies
Tel: 618-650-3967

Read Dr. Tamari's international projects related to the Middle East and Islam, and more

Dr. Susan Hume
Department of Geography
Tel: 618-650-2091

Read Dr. Hume's involvement with the South Africa Travel Study program with Stellenbosch University, Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Dr. Tom Lavallee
Dept. of Foreign Languages & Literature
Tel: 618-650.3301

Read Dr. Lavallee's collaborative Travel Study to China with Xiamen University in the People's Republic of China and involvement with the Electronic Network for Research on International China Heritage (ENRICH).

Dr. Matthew Johnson
Department of English Lang and Lit.
Tel: 618-650-2087

Read Dr. Johnson's involvement with a dual-language journal (English/Polish) and collaboration with UK colleagues on an international academic journal.

Dr. Lynn Maurer
Dept. of Political Science
Tel: 618-650-3585

Read Dr. Maurer's involvements in roundtable discussions and initiatives aimed at internationalizing SIUE campus.

Dr. Megan Robb
Dept. of Art Therapy Counseling
Tel: 618-650-3198

Read Dr. Robb's efforts to increase multicultural competence in the field of Art Therapy and to address teaching techniques when teaching diversity issues and

Dr. Wai Hsien Cheah
Dept. of Speech Communication
Tel: 618-650-5016
Email: wcheah@siue.eduRead Dr. Cheah's collaborative research on the Bosnian community in St. Louis.
Dr. Ron Schaefer
Dept. of English Lang and Lit & Center for International Studies
Tel: 618-650- 3728

Read Dr. Schaefer's work on Nigerian indigenous languages

Dr. Michael Shaw
Dept. of Chemistry
Tel: 618-650-3579

Read Dr. Mike's international collaborations

Dr. Jaoquin Florido-Berrocal
Dept. of Foreign Languages & Lit.
Tel: 618-650-3510

Read Dr. Jaoquin's Study abroad program to Seville

Dr. Joao Sedycias
Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literature
Tel: 618-650-3512

Read Dr. Sedycias' campus, community and international outreach initiatives.

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