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Physics Tutor Room (SE-0364)

Schedule for Fall 2021
8:00 -
Sam Gerbi Sam Gerbi
9:00 -
Caleb Kalmer Caleb Kalmer Caleb Kalmer Caleb Kalmer
10:00 -
Caleb Kalmer Caleb Kalmer Caleb Kalmer Caleb Kalmer
11:00 -
Sam Gerbi Khoi Pham Aaliyah Harris
12:00 -
Sam Gerbi Aaliyah Harris
1:00 -
Aaliyah Harris
2:00 -
Sam Gerbi Caleb Kalmer Sam Gerbi Caleb Kalmer Aaliyah Harris
3:00 -
Sam Gerbi Caleb Kalmer Caleb Kalmer Aaliyah Harris
4:00 -

The Physics Tutor Room is now back in Room SE-0364 (office wing in basement.  The tutor room cannot have more than 7 students and one tutor in it at a time, and should not considered a place to just hang out.  The tutors there should be able to help you with any of the elementary Physics courses (111, 112, 131, 131L, 132, 132L, 140, 141, 142, 151, 151L, 152, or 152L), or else should know where to find help.  Please let your instructor or the Department Chair know if you have trouble receiving help, or if you fail to find a tutor at the time that he/she is supposed to be in the room according to the above schedule.

Revised 2021 Oct 15
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