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Sample Calendar

These calendars, designed by Emeritus faculty member Roger Hill of the Physics Department, are being made available to anyone who would like to use them (but please note the Warning and Disclaimer below).  A partial sample, reduced in size, is shown at the right.  Class days are unshaded, exam periods have a light shading, and class vacation periods have a heavier shading — but note that the shaded days are not necessarily staff holidays or university closings.

In addition to planning for classes, the older calendars might also have some use for anyone wanting to know what the schedules were for previous years.

To download a calendar, click the appropriate link below.  These are PDF (Portable Document Format) files and can be viewed and printed using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader.  If you don't have either, you can download Adobe Reader for free at

Although the calendars can be viewed on the screen (some lines may not show up at lower magnifications), they look best printed out.  You can either print the calendar from your web browser or save the file and print it later.  For best appearance, check "actual size" or uncheck any "shrink to fit" or "page scaling" options in the Print dialogue box (depending on what version you have).

If you have any problems, corrections, or suggestions, please contact Roger Hill, Physics Department, Box 1654, Phone 618-650-2472, E-mail  Thanks to Margaret Barnhart and (previously) Heather Yeager and Gloria Hartmann for checking the calendars and suggesting improvements, and to Prof. Edward Ackad of the Department of Physics and (previously) Emeritus Prof. P.N. Swamy of the Department of Physics and Emeritus Prof. Krzysztof Jarosz of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics for converting the calendars from TEX to PDF format.

WARNING AND DISCLAIMER:  These calendars should not be considered "official".  They were designed as a convenience to the SIUE community, but the designer is not responsible for the actual planning of the academic schedule, and also cannot be responsible for consequences arising from the use of these calendars, such as the possibility of errors, misinterpretation, or discrepancies due to later changes that might be made in the academic schedule.  Although the calendars were carefully checked and are believed to be correct (as of the date at the bottom), anyone using them must agree to do so at his/her own risk.  For any important planning, one should consult the class schedules at the Office of the Registrar to verify dates.

NOTE ALSO:  Some courses — especially weekend, partly-weekend, or summer courses — may not follow the "standard" schedule for starting dates, vacation days, etc.  The course syllabus should be consulted as the most reliable source.  And once again, shaded vacations are from classes, but may not always be staff vacations or university closings.

2019-20 Academic Year (2020AY.pdf)   2020 Summer Term (2020SU.pdf)
2018-19 Academic Year (2019AY.pdf)   2019 Summer Term (2019SU.pdf)
2017-18 Academic Year (2018AY.pdf)   2018 Summer Term (2018SU.pdf)
2016-17 Academic Year (2017AY.pdf)   2017 Summer Term (2017SU.pdf)
2015-16 Academic Year (2016AY.pdf)   2016 Summer Term (2016SU.pdf)
2014-15 Academic Year (2015AY.pdf)   2015 Summer Term (2015SU.pdf)
2013-14 Academic Year (2014AY.pdf)   2014 Summer Term (2014SU.pdf)
2012-13 Academic Year (2013AY.pdf)   2013 Summer Term (2013SU.pdf)
2011-12 Academic Year (2012AY.pdf)   2012 Summer Term (2012SU.pdf)
2010-11 Academic Year (2011AY.pdf)   2011 Summer Term (2011SU.pdf)
2009-10 Academic Year (2010AY.pdf)   2010 Summer Term (2010SU.pdf)
2008-09 Academic Year (2009AY.pdf)   2009 Summer Term (2009SU.pdf)
2007-08 Academic Year (2008AY.pdf)   2008 Summer Term (2008SU.pdf)
2006-07 Academic Year (2007AY.pdf)   2007 Summer Term (2007SU.pdf)
2005-06 Academic Year (2006AY.pdf)   2006 Summer Term (2006SU.pdf)
2004-05 Academic Year (2005AY.pdf)   2005 Summer Term (2005SU.pdf)
2003-04 Academic Year (2004AY.pdf)   2004 Summer Term (2004SU.pdf)
2002-03 Academic Year (2003AY.pdf)   2003 Summer Term (2003SU.pdf)
2001-02 Academic Year (2002AY.pdf)   2002 Summer Term (2002SU.pdf)
2000-01 Academic Year (2001AY.pdf)   2001 Summer Term (2001SU.pdf)
1999-00 Academic Year (2000AY.pdf)   2000 Summer Term (2000SU.pdf)

Revised 2019 May 16
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