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February 7, 20161:00 PM
February 7, 20162:00 PM
Justice Too Long Delayed: A Celebration of Letter from a Birmingham Jail'I'm pressed for time someone press rewind....' With recent events of police brutalityand social injustice, our present and future seems to consistently repeat history. Has there been any progression as time has gone by or are we stuck in the past with our history on repeat?Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Black Theater Workshop led by Professor Kathryn Bentley along with A Call to Conscience, a St. ouis based theater company, have collaborated in writing and prodcing a play that presents a cutting-edge interpretation of Dr. King's response to the critics of his presence in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963.Using Dr. King's 'Letter from a Birmingham Jail' as a backdrop, Justice Too Long Delayed, is a theatrical juxtaposition of the Civil Rights Movement and today's Black Lives Matter movement that relates and connects the many themes of social injustice. In this world orchestrated by an Afro-Greek chorus, time is always of the essence, it is always moving, yet stuck in place like a broken record. Watch as this play utilizes a conglomeration of genres, old and new, spoken word, singing, dance, and acting to strike a change and fix the broken record so that we can discover new beats.TICKETS: Admission is Free of Charge
February 10, 20167:00 PM
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February 11, 20167:00 PM
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February 13, 201610:00 AM
February 17, 201611:30 AM
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