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October 26, 20142:00 PM
Veronica's Room is a lesson in family values as only the playwright, Ira Levin, can tell it. A psychological thriller that introduces a trusting young college student, Susan, to the Brabissants, a well to do famly that just may have a few issues. After being seduced by the kindly old couple, the Mackeys, caretakers of the Brabissant estate, Susan entertains the idea of dressing like the long passed away daughter, Veronica, to humor the ailing yongest child and last living member of the Brabissant family. Susan finds out that not only is she stuck in Veronica's clothes, she she's stuck in Veronica's nightmare. Or, is Susan a figment of Veronica's wild and demented imagination. By the end, the answer may not be what you think!TICKETS: Adults $8 & Other $5 with SIUE students free with valid I.D.Box Office is located in Dunham Hall; 1st floor; Rm 1042B
October 27, 201410:00 AM
October 30, 201412:30 PM
Come join CAB as the Day of The Dead is celebrated through food, crafts, and culture! For more information contact Tyler Wilson at jeffrwi@siue.edu.
November 3, 201410:00 AM