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Blanche and Lizzie Spindler

From what I can piece together from talking with mom and looking at her photo albums, she, her mother and her grandmother lived a few doors from the Spindler sisters. Also on that block was Liza Johnson and her family. All pictures on this page can be enlarged by clicking on them.

According to my mother, this picture was taken one day in 1925 when she and mother, Clara, went for lunch and a visit to see Blanche and Elizabeth Spindler, two "old maids" who lived at 132 S. Fourth St. Blanch was a good friend of Clara's for decades, and her sister, Lizzie, was a respected school teacher. Clara, mom and mom's grandmother, Eva, lived in a flat at 117 S. Fourth St. Blanch and Lizzie's brother George Spindler was the proprieter of a grocery store at 119 S. Fourth St. Lorene was 12 years old at the time.

Mother also remembers that the Spindlers' place was across the street from "the old Catholic school building," which had been renovated into apartments. Her friend, Corinne Meister, lived there with sisters Nellie and Helen and parents "Cottle" and "Josie" Meister. Cottle was a pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds for years. Mom recounted a tale when she and Corinne went to visit Cottle at the Washington County Court House while he was detained there on a disorderly conduct charge. Josie had packed him a basket of food and Corinne was taking it to him.

Here are four more photos from her album, apparently taken by the same camera. All three photos are marked with a date between 1921 and 1925, although I think it is likely to be closer to the 1925 date. Apparently they were all taken in the Spindler sisters' back yard. The two pictures to the left below look like they are taken in front of a grape arbor.

Eva Noe, Lorene and Clara Sullivan
Eva Noe and
Lizzie Spindler
Liza Johnson,
Blanch Spindler
and Clara Sullivan

The photo shown below is a very good picture of Blanch Spindler with Clara Sullivan and Lisa Johnson. My guess is that this was taken out in front of the house on the east side of the street looking north towards Greene Street.

Blanch Spindler, Clara Sullivan
and Lisa Johnson.