Andris Genealogy (Darquennes)
    History of the Glassblowing Andres Name (Lannois)
    Gen 0: Jean Andres 1636
    Gen 1: 1676-1696 Children of Jean Andres and Marie Faller
    Gen 2: 1704-1720 Children of Jean Joseph Andres/Ursula Hocquemiller
    Gen 3: 1732-1751 Children of Jean Andris/Marguerite Engelhart
    Gen 4: 1766-1793 Children of Robert Jh Andris/Marie Thérèse Lefebvre
    Gen 5: 1797-1817 Children of Louis Jh Andrisse/Marie Jh (Thérèse) Brewer
    Gen 6: 1845-1857 Children of Nicolas Jh Andrisse/Hortense Dandois
    Gen 7: 1872-1891 Children of Arthur Andris/Louise Lebrun
    Gen 8: 1894-1910 Children of Arthur Louis Nicolas Andris/Elisa Beaumez and Victorine Dorval
    List of currently verified family history records
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Children of Arthur Andris/Louise Lebrun*


  1. Hortense Florence Ursmarine ANDRISSE, ° 19-04- 1869 in Battignies, † 14-09-1872 in Binche. Natural child, recognized by the marriage of his/her parents in 1870. The signature of the father, as for all the other children, is Arthur Andris.
  2. Marguerite Louise ANDRIS, ° 02-06-1870 in Battignies. Lived in Lodelinsart with his/her parents. Exit alone towards Binche 10-01-1887. The 28-07-1906, left Pierre Hatred-Saint for Merxem, street of the Church, 24. 151 One will read in the following chapter, the history of branch ANDRIS emigrated in the United States. 208 It married Aimé SUPLIS the 29-05-1897 in Binche, ° 17-09-1870 in Jumet, wire of Edouard SUPLIS and Flora GERMAUX, glass-maker, † 26-01- 1938 in Gilly. Marriage certificate n° 36 of 29-05-1897. With its marriage with Margueritte Andrisse, it is widowed of Irma Aubry. Witnesses with the church wedding: Louis Blareau and Octave Andris. Death certificate n° 53 of the 27-01-1938, husband of Marguerite Andris. Death certificate n° 28 of the 17-02-1938 in Lodelinsart (transcription).
  3. Arthur Louis Nicolas ANDRIS ° 05-04-1873.
  4. Félicie Hortense Louise ANDRISSE, ° 04-04-1875 in Binche, † 01-07-1875 in Binche. Microfilm 1461616, death and birth certificates.
  5. Louis ANDRISSE ° 18-07-1876.
  6. Aida ANDRISSE ° 25-10-1878.
  7. Octave Adolphe ANDRISSE ° 04-12-1880.
  8. Louise Jeanne ANDRIS, ° 05-10-1883 in Binche, baptized the 08-10-1883 in Binche. SS: Arthur Andris and Marie Jeanne Lebrun. Act n° 212 page 339 of RP.
  9. Paul Fernand Eugene ANDRIS, ° 05-12-1885 in Binche, baptized the 13-12-1885 in Binche. SS: Victor Bombled and Eugenie Everbecq.
  10. Daniel ANDRIS ° 05-01-1888.
  11. Ermina ANDRIS, ° 26-10-1891 in Binche, baptized the 31-10-1891 in Binche. SS: Arthur Andris and Louise Lebrun.

Names in bold are followed in the Darquennes genealogy. Names in green represent the descendant who is my progenitor. Starred items () have been personally verified from primary documents by me.

Arthur ANDRIS, ° 18-11-1845 in Jumet, working glass-maker, † 16-04-1914 in Binche. He was a natural child and called Arthur Dandoy at birth. He was recognized at the time of the marriage of his/her parents in 1846 (marriage certificate n° 26 of the 18-07-1870). Arthur dies in Binche where it is buried the 20-04-1914 (on RP, death certificate n° 40).

He married Louise LEBRUN the 18-07-1870 in Binche, ° 11-01-1851 in Binche, daughter of Louis LEBRUN and Marie Thérèse Constantine EVERBECQ, † before 1914. At the time of their marriage, a matrimonial convention is signed in front of Master Charles Lecocq, notary of Binche (microfilm 1461616). Witnesses with the marriage: Florimont Lebrun, 24 years, Eugene Lebrun, 22 years, brothers with the wife, Adolphe Everbecq, 30 years, cousin of the wife. The family will leave Binche for Lodelinsart where they are registered the 24-02-1883 roadway of Châtelet, n° 36Ë. Left for Dampremy the 28-02-1885, they returned quickly to Lodelinsart the 28-04-1885 and lived in Aulniats, n° 68C (Reg. Pop. Lodelinsart 1880-1890 - 4/290 and 6/281).

* Taken directly from André DARQUENNES and Frédéric GOBBE, On the traces of glass-makers: The ANDRIS(SE) Family (A partial translation by Jim Andris), GENEALOGICAL ASSOCIATION OF the BELGIAN HAINAUT a.s.b.l., Charleroi, July, 2003.