Andris Genealogy (Darquennes)
    History of the Glassblowing Andres Name (Lannois)
    Gen 0: Jean Andres 1636
    Gen 1: 1676-1696 Children of Jean Andres and Marie Faller
    Gen 2: 1704-1720 Children of Jean Joseph Andres/Ursula Hocquemiller
    Gen 3: 1732-1751 Children of Jean Andris/Marguerite Engelhart
    Gen 4: 1766-1793 Children of Robert Jh Andris/Marie Thérèse Lefebvre
    Gen 5: 1797-1817 Children of Louis Jh Andrisse/Marie Jh (Thérèse) Brewer
    Gen 6: 1845-1857 Children of Nicolas Jh Andrisse/Hortense Dandois
    Gen 7: 1872-1891 Children of Arthur Andris/Louise Lebrun
    Gen 8: 1894-1910 Children of Arthur Louis Nicolas Andris/Elisa Beaumez and Victorine Dorval
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Jean Andres x Marie Faller

It seems to me that while there is lots of evidence that a Jean Andres married a Marie Faller in the 17th Century somewhere in Europe, the details are anything but certain.

The Andres Genealogy by Darquennes and Gobbe claims that a Jean Andres of Trente, Italy, b. Jun 1636 married a Marie Faller around 1674. They had many children, of which one probably was my ancestor Jean Joseph Andres, 28 Oct 1681. The authors base their information on the work of Leon Crismer and of Claude Andries.

However, this record alone raises questions, for this would mean that Jean Andres was nearly 40 when he married this woman, an unusual fact. Put this together with the fact that other references give a birthdate of around 1655 for the Jean Andres who married Marie Faller. One wonders if it weren't a son of Jean Andres of Trente who married Marie Faller.

Jean Jacques Lannois, who is a descendant of Marie Faller, believes that a Marie Faller was born in 1644 in Isny.() She is to be distingushed from another Marie Faller who never married and was born in 1665 in Jumet. However, he tells me that the marriage certificate for these two has never been found, and that two different sources place the marriage at 1660-1664 (Claude Andries) and 1674 (André Darquennes) respectively.

Clearly, these details remain to be worked out.