Andris Genealogy (Darquennes)
    Robert A. Andris Descendants (2nd Andris cousins)
    William Hale (distant Andris cousin)
    Jean Jacques Lannois (8th Falleur cousin once removed)
    Peggy Burge (distant Fickeisen cousin by marriage)
    Curt Fickeisen (Fickeisen cousin?)
    Mary Anne Knoke (2nd Fickeisen cousin once removed)
    Doris Cox Lee (4th Fickeisen cousin)
    Mary Ross (seeking Fickeisen information)
    Jaye Drummond (double 5th Harth cousin)
    Manfred Harth (5th Harth cousin)
    Tim Moellendick (distant Noe cousin by marriage)
    Roberta Preston-Napier (2nd Sullivan cousin once removed)
    Bob Behnen (Genealogy researcher)
    Lila Hill (Fickeisen cousin by marriage)
    Raymond Fickeisen (3rd cousin once removed)
    Laura Bozzay (Andris researcher)
    Eleanor Cox Scott 4th Fickeisen Cousin
    Michael Sullivan 2ndSullivan Cousin once removed
    Ghislaine Andris Rockwood 7th Andris Cousin
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Eleanor Scott, Fourth Fickeisen Cousin

In June of 2006, I got a letter from the former Eleanor Scott Cox. She is the sister of Doris Lee, who had made an earlier connection around the year 2000. When I last corresponded with Doris, I really didn't have a very clear picture of how the Fickeisen lines of Doris (and now Eleanor) were related to my Fickeisen lines. But now I have a much clearer idea. Their line goes through the older brother, Jacob, b. 1823, of my great great grandfather Abraham Fickeisen. In other words our common ancestors are our great great great grandparents, Jean Adam Fickeisen and Marie Marde Doll, about whom I know almost nothing.

Interestingly enough, Jacob and Abraham both emigrated from Gumbsweiler in the Pfalz, Germany, probably at the same time, and both settled on Pleasant Ridge in Washington County, Ohio. It is clear that in their later life, they had a major feud over attendance at the Ludwig Church on Pleasant Ridge, and I have written about this. Fortunately, Doris and Eleanor and I are on more cordial terms.

Eleanor is preparing a genealogy book to share within her family. She has been perusing my website and has used some of the material in her own genealogy research. She was kind enough to send me photographs of both her grandparents, Johann Fickeisen and Nellie Gay Chaddock, and her great grandparents, Jacob J. Fickeisen and Elizabeth Erb. I have put up a clickable chart of all the descendants of Jean Adam Fickeisen and Marie Marde Doll on the web, and you can see these relationships very well there. I also used the pictures that she sent me in the chart. Eleanor and Doris may be surprised to learn that they have some other living cousins that they may not know about.

I am very pleased to make this connection, because checking her information against what I already have has really helped me to understand these two branches of the Fickeisen clan that left Germany and came to the USA around 1850.