Andris Genealogy (Darquennes)
    Robert A. Andris Descendants (2nd Andris cousins)
    William Hale (distant Andris cousin)
    Jean Jacques Lannois (8th Falleur cousin once removed)
    Peggy Burge (distant Fickeisen cousin by marriage)
    Curt Fickeisen (Fickeisen cousin?)
    Mary Anne Knoke (2nd Fickeisen cousin once removed)
    Doris Cox Lee (4th Fickeisen cousin)
    Mary Ross (seeking Fickeisen information)
    Jaye Drummond (double 5th Harth cousin)
    Manfred Harth (5th Harth cousin)
    Tim Moellendick (distant Noe cousin by marriage)
    Roberta Preston-Napier (2nd Sullivan cousin once removed)
    Bob Behnen (Genealogy researcher)
    Lila Hill (Fickeisen cousin by marriage)
    Raymond Fickeisen (3rd cousin once removed)
    Laura Bozzay (Andris researcher)
    Eleanor Cox Scott 4th Fickeisen Cousin
    Michael Sullivan 2ndSullivan Cousin once removed
    Ghislaine Andris Rockwood 7th Andris Cousin
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Jaye Drummond and Jim Andris: 5th Harth Cousins

In October of 2000 I received a fascinating e-mail from Jaye Drummond. I hope he won't mind my quoting the genealogically relevant portions of his communication:

"Hi Jim,

"I have read the account of your trip to Europe posted on your website with great interest, as I am also descended from Theobald Harth and Katharina Nau of Selchenbach and Washington Co., OH.

"I am descended from two, yes count them, TWO of their children: Elisabetha Harth Seyler (1831-1884) and Ludwig Harth (1844-1910). Ludwig's son Charles married Elisabetha's granddaughter (Charles and his wife were my great grandparents).

"My branch(es) of the family moved to Lawrence Co., OH, in 1865. Also, another of the siblings, Daniel Harth (1835-1903) also moved to Lawrence Co. in 1865 after he finished four years in the Union Army."

Jaye writes that his reading of the Manfred Harth genealogy on my website also pushed his genealogy back much further, too.