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VO2 Max


  • VO2Max testing is considered one of the most important measurements in fitness and performance. The VO2Max test measures the amount of oxygen you consume during maximum intensity exercise. This is the best indicator of your cardiovascular fitness level.
  • Your lactate threshold, or anaerobic threshold, is a measure of your body’s ability to produce energy using fats and oxygen. Beyond your lactate threshold, you start to produce energy anaerobically and start to rely on carbohydrates as your primary energy source. Exercise intensities beyond your lactate threshold are unsustainable for long periods of time.
  • This test will also provide you with your maximum heart rate and information on what intensities you burn fat vs. carbohydrates.
  • This test can be completed on a treadmill or bike.


  • This test will begin at a relatively low intensity and then push you to your exercising limits.
  • You can expect to be on campus for about 60 minutes. The test itself will be 8-15 minutes in duration.
  • You will start the test at a low intensity to warm up. Then the test administrator will carefully and gradually increase the exercise intensity. The test is terminated at maximum effort.


  • Please refrain from smoking and strenuous exercise for 24 hours before the test.
  • We suggest you refrain from eating and avoid caffeine for a minimum of four hours before your test.
  • Wear athletic clothing and shoes that are appropriate for the exercise mode you choose (treadmill or bike).


  • The results will provide you with your current VO2Max and your current lactate threshold. From this, you will be able to see your current fitness level.
  • The technician will also help you set accurate individualized heart rate training zones.  
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