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Skinfold Measurements 


  • This is a seven-site skinfold measurement.
  • Skinfold measurements provide an estimated size of the subcutaneous fat deposit on the body, which is essentially the fat under the skin. By estimating the thickness in different areas, your technician will be able to obtain an estimation of the total body fat on an individual’s body.


  • A pinch of skin is grasped between the thumb and forefinger, and it is pulled away from the underlying muscle tissue. The width of the skinfold is measured in millimeters with a specially calibrated caliper. Each measurement is usually taken three times. The average is then calculated.


  • Please wear athletic, loose-fitting clothing.
  • There are no special food or drink restrictions for this test.


  • The averages of your calculations will be plugged into a specific formula to calculate your body fat percentage estimation. Our lab technician will then help explain your results. We will email you the results also.
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