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Arts & Sciences Today, May 2008 Edition

A Star Is Born

Michael Mizerany

Michael Mizerany
(Fall '81-Spring '86), who attended SIUE's dance program, is now a celebrated dancer in San Diego, California. After attending SIUE, he joined the Modern America Dance Company in St. Louis, and then went to Los Angeles to join Loretta Livingston & Dancers. In 1996, he joined the internationally renowned Bella Lewitzky Dance Company in California for a final season of touring. In 2001, Mizerany created his own company, Mizerany Dance, in San Diego, California, where he currently resides today.

While attending SIUE, Mizerany found inspiration and guidance from the faculty. He particularly remembers faculty members Calvin Jarrell, Kerry Shaul and Audrey Tallant. "Without their initial guidance and tutelage, I would have never decided to make dancing my profession," enthused Mizerany. "They were my first dance instructors at SIUE and they encouraged me and inspired me in many ways."

Throughout Mizerany's dance career, he has been nominated a record seven times for the Lester Horton Dance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Performance, winning the prestigious award in 1995 and 1996 for his solos in "Tin Soldier" and "Bump in the Road." In 2000, Mizerany was awarded the City of Los Angeles Individual Artist Fellowship to choreograph "Necessary Depravity". When he formed his own dance company in 2001, he debuted three new works: "First Kiss," "Prisons and Pedestals," and "The Box."

Mizerany has been guest artist with companies like Yorke Dance Project, Francisco Martinez Dance Theater, and the Los Angeles Chamber Ballet. He currently serves as guest artist for Malashock Dance in San Diego. "For anyone interested in pursuing the same profession, take all the ballet and modern classes you can," said Mizerany. "These are the fundamentals of your technique and must be honed constantly."

Today Mizerany starts his day around 7 o'clock in the morning for coffee and cereal while listening to MSNBC. He then heads off to the gym for about an hour, then on to a day-long rehearsal session. Three nights a week Mizerany teaches intermediate and advanced modern dance. He describes his primary career focus today as teaching intermediate and advanced modern dance classes and workshops and traveling to reset choreographies or to set new work. He also assists John Malashock in everyday aspects of running a modern dance company. Outside of his passionate and very accomplished career, Mizerany enjoys watching movies, going to museums and working crossword puzzles.

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