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International Studies Program

Internships and Independent Projects

An internship with an international focus (INTS 400 Internship in International Studies; download form) and an independent project with an international focus (INTS 401 Independent Project in International Studies) are not required but highly encouraged as major electives. Students complete internships and independent projects to earn both academic credit and valuable professional experience, while deepening their involvement with international issues.

Students can pursue internships with various organizations or in an array of projects with an international focus in Southern Illinois or the St. Louis metro area. Students can also undertake independent projects under the supervision of various faculty members affiliated with the International Studies program.

Students must consult with and receive approval from the International Studies program director in regards to selecting appropriate internship and independent study experiences. Upon securing an internship or independent project, a student must enroll in INTS 400 or 401, and complete an agreement with the International Studies program providing details about the activities to be pursued and the supervisor. At the end of the experience, a student must complete and turn in to the International Studies program director a Student Evaluation of the Experience and must also ensure that the internship or independent project supervisor completes and turns in to the International Studies program director a Supervisor Evaluation of the Experience.

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