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International Studies Program

About the Program

International Studies at SIUE is an interdisciplinary degree program designed to help students reflect on and engage in the complex social, political, economic, and cultural interrelations that exist among nations and regions of our increasingly globalized world. The program offers a broad range of curricular options in the College of Arts and Sciences, allowing students to explore, in regards to various peoples and across populations, aspects related to geography, history, religion, government, trade, communication, languages and literatures, music and arts, social justice and environmental challenges. Students in the program have opportunities to learn critical and analytical problem-solving skills that they can apply to contemporary global issues.

The program benefits from:

  • An outstanding set of cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary core and elective courses
  • A focus on combining the theoretical learning about social, political, economic and cultural developments in different world regions with hands-on applications of such knowledge by means of a foreign language requirement, a study abroad component, a senior assignment experience, as well as possibilities of internships and independent projects
  • Various opportunities to tap into existing and emerging groups and networks on the SIUE campus, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in international studies are qualified for many positions in diplomacy or with nonprofits, governmental and international organizations, and businesses.

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