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I am the Graduate Program Director for the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department here at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville . We offer a Master’s program leading to the Master of Science in Electrical Engineering degree.  We offer a Cooperative PhD program with Southern Illinois University Carbondale. The program can be completed at SIUE, with courses from SIUC being offered via satellite.

I also guide activities in the Computer Vision and Image Processing Laboratory here at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville . If you are interested in getting an MS degree with a concentration in Computer Vision and Image Processing (CVIP), you can see a program plan.

One major ongoing project is CVIPtools, a suite of tools for computer vision and image processing that offers the experienced and new user alike the opportunity to experiment with computer imaging in an easy-to-use environment.

I have completed a new edition of my imaging book, in full color, published by the CRC Press, DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING AND ANALYSIS: Human and Computer Vision Applications with CVIPtools, 2nd Edition, which is available now! Book reviews here.  Errata December 2013 -  Errata_printing2013.htm.

Information on the first edition, COMPUTER IMAGING: Digital Image Analysis and Processing  can be seen at: table of contents, the preface, and the front  and back covers.  Errata June 2008.

Syllabi and information for courses I teach at SIUE:

Recent research and development projects:

  • CVIPtools development - version 5.x for Windows in C#
  • Long Island Veterinary Specialists, “Veterinary Thermographic Image Analysis”
  • CVIPtools development - version 4.4 for Windows with Pattern Classification
  • Excellence in Undergraduate Education Grant,: SIUE, “Real-time Single-chip 3-D Imaging”
  • Funded University Research Grant, SIUE, “Image Processing Algorithm Automation Tool Development”
  • Krewson Reaching and Equipment Company, “Computer Vision Research and Development for Automatic Kitchen”
  • River City Software, Portsmith NH, "Lumber Bundle Analysis - Computer Vision Research"
  • Westar Corporation, "Computer Vision for Quality Control of Microdisplay Chips"
  • Using color features to classify skin tumor images
  • Using texture features to classify skin tumor images
  • Color image segmentation algorithm development
  • Wavelet/vector quantization compression
  • Deformable templates applied to skin tumor border finding
  • Helicopter image enhancement
  • High-speed film image enhancement
  • Computer vision for skin tumor image evaluation


Ø  Research funded by Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Long Island Veterinary Specialists, Krewson Reaching Equipment Company, River City Software, Westar Corporation, the National Institutes of Health, Camber Corporation, System Dynamics International, Stoecker & Associates, Stealth Technologies, the Department of Defense.


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