Sample Schedule & Itinerary

The program begins with a relaxed weekend and exploration of the surrounding ecology and culture.  During the week, students will accomplish the work previously described as well as visit local sites, meet Costa Rican adults and children, attend indigenous events and sample Costa Rican cuisine. The group alternates between evening meals together and free evenings where individuals can choose their own restaurants. Breakfast is served each morning at the hotel (combining all student groups from SIUE) and lunch is served at the work sites or we will eat together if touring facilities. 

General Tour Itinerary (subject to change)

·      Friday, March 2 - Board flight from Lambert International to San Jose, Costa Rica (specific flight to be determined in the fall).  Check in--Wyndham Hotel in Alejuela, CR 

·      Saturday, March 3 – Local sightseeing, pool time, orientation meeting, kick-off dinner.

·      Sunday, March 4 – Attend a local church service (optional), tour waterfall park, prepare for “work week”

Tentative Sample Environmental Health/Public Health Schedule

(subject to change)

·      Monday, March 5 – Visit sustainable coffee farm

·      Tuesday, March 6 – Visit animal conservation site  

·      Wednesday, March 7 – Visit Eco Tourism facility (example field trip)

·      Thursday, March 8 –Visit Public Health facility or program

General Tour Itinerary

·      Friday, March 9 – Public health and other students will come together to distribute shoes to locals including many migrant worker children from Nicaragua and individuals from the Pavas area.  Friday evening dinner includes reflections on this event and the week in general.

·      Saturday, March 10 – sightseeing, pool time

·      Sunday, March 11 – Depart San Jose for return flight home 


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