The Work

Possible student projects include working with students and faculty from Ndejje University on various community outreach projects in June.  Past projects have included health improvement campaigns related to water and sanitation, HIV and AIDS awareness, food security, environmental improvement, farm activities, household hygiene improvement and community markets. Students may also work on conducting baseline needs assessment surveys or volunteer at schools for children with disabilities.

Students may work with Project Restore, Inc. on projects that they have ongoing in communities.  The organization has dedicated its work to children, families and communities in Africa to help them overcome poverty, disease and injustice while advocating self-reliance and sustainability.  Their work focuses on improving life in the areas of education, health, nutrition and accessible, clean water.  Past projects have included sponsoring students to attend secondary school, including paying for tuition, purchasing school supplies and clothing.  Additionally, they have helped hook up electricity, build libraries and computer labs, repair water wells, build rain water catch systems, distributing 4,400 Long Lasting Insecticide Treated mosquito nets (LLN), proving computers for schools, repairing and expending medical clinics and providing medical and health supplies. You can also check out the Project-Restore website and Facebook page for more information.

Generally you will work the same days and hours as the organization you are working with.  Most work will be completed with your organization but some work, especially if you are working on a research project with a faculty member, will require independent work.

The course will begin with a relaxed 1st day and exploration of the surrounding culture & community.  During the week, students will accomplish the work previously described as well as visit local sites, meet Ugandan adults and children, attend local events and sample Ugandan cuisine. We will alternate between evening meals together and free evenings where students can choose their dining option. Breakfast and lunch will be on your own.  Meals will depend on which facility we stay at, see Housing below.

Monday, June 4th, you will meet with your organization and the team you will be working with.  This date will be finalized prior to departure for Uganda.

The program is led by Dr. Michelle Cathorall in Public Health and Dr. Kathy Brady in Speech Language Pathology.  The program is planned with input from Catherine Keck, founder of Project Restore, drawing on her experience working in Uganda.  Dr. Brady has experience working in Kenya and has knowledge of African culture and the region. Catherine Keck’s experience in Uganda and her professional and community connections allowed us to coordinate the unique internship opportunities for students.  Students will benefit from Dr. Brady and Catherine’s knowledge of and experience with African culture and the region.

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