My research focuses on understanding the behavioral and environmental risk factors for recreational sports injuries, injury risk and injury prevention.  

Current studies are focused on roller derby injuries and the contextual factors that increase risk of injury.

Current Studies

  • Developing international travel study courses in public health.
  • Does creating a culture of healthy active living create economic opportunities for communities?
  • Understanding risk perception of athletes in high risk sports: Why Do people play roller derby knowing the risk of injury?
  • Types and frequency of injuries in female roller derby athletes.
  • Assessing Student Performance in Hybrid versus Web Facilitated Personal Health Courses.


Peer Reviewed Publications 

Manuscripts in Print

  • Cathorall M. L. & Punches, M. (2017).  A descriptive study of female roller derby skaters’ beliefs and opinions of risk factors for injury in roller derby.  BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine.
  • Peachey, A.A., Sutton, D. L., & Cathorall, M. L. (2015).  Helmet ownership and use among skateboarders: Utilization of the Health Belief Model. Health Education Journal. 
  • Cathorall, M., Xin, H., Schulz, M.,  Peachey, Andrew, Bibeau, D., Aronson, R., & Dave, G. (2015). The Influence of Neighborhood Level Poverty on Blood Glucose Levels: Findings from the Community Initiative to Eliminate Stroke (CITIES) Program. Health, Culture, and Society.  
  • Cathorall, M.L., Dingman, D.A., Schulz, M.R., Keyworth, A.M., & Pelligra, K.G. (2015). Helmet Use Prevalence and Predictors in a South Eastern, United States City. International Journal of Injury Control and Safety Promotion.  
  • Cathorall, M.L., Xin, H., Peachey, Andrew, Bibeau, D., Schulz, M. & Aronson, R. (2015).  Neighborhood disadvantage and risk variations in blood pressure.   American Journal of Health Education, 46(5), 266-273.
  • Bibeau, D. L., Evans, W. M., Cathorall, M. L., Miller, E., Strack, R. W., & Mattocks, A. D. (2009). Health promotion in the public sector. American Journal of Health Studies, 24(3), 331-342.
  • McMahan, S., Cathorall, M. & Romero, D. (2007). Cardiovascular Disease Risk Perception and Knowledge: A Comparison of Hispanic and White College Students.  Journal of Hispanic Higher Education, 6, 5-18.
  • Romero, D., McMahan, S. & Cathorall, M. (2005). Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) Risk in the United States: Should We Target College Women?  Californian Journal of Health Promotion, 3, 117-129.



  • Pullen-Seufert, N., & Cathorall, M. (2006). 2006 Walk To School Event Organizer Survey. Chapel Hill, NC: Safe Routes to School.

Manuscripts in Process

  • Cathorall, ML, Nichols, TR, Bibeau, DL, & Francisco, V.  Missed Opportunities in Childhood Bicycle Helmet Research.  To be submitted to a peer reviewed journal. 
  • Cathorall, ML & Nichols, TR.  How Parents Balance Anxiety and Perceived Risks of Bike Riding with Their Children’s Need for Autonomy: A Grounded Theory Approach.  To be submitted to a peer reviewed journal. 


Papers Presented at Conferences

  • Cathorall M, Peachey A. The Epidemiology of Injuries Among Female Roller Derby Skaters Poster presented at: The 2016 Society for Public Health Education Conference; March 2016; Charlotte, NC.   
  • Cathorall, ML. (2015, November) Team Based Learning in Health and Wellness Education. Presented at the Illinois Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance convention, St. Charles, Illinois.
  • Dingman, DA, Schulz, MR, Cathorall, ML, Keyworth, AM, & Pelligra, KG. (2011, November) Predictors of Helmet Use in an Urban Area. Presented at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, Washington, DC.
  • Cathorall, M.L., (2010, November). Parent and Child Perspectives on Children's Bicycle Helmet Use. Presented at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, Denver, CO.
  • Cathorall, M. L., (2010, November). A Systematic Review of Bicycle Helmet Studies and Recommendations for Future Research.  Presented at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, Denver, CO.
  • Cathorall, M. L., Lopez, C., Pedersen, B., Grimmett, J., & White, L. (2006, November). Building partnerships with a southern lesbian and bisexual women's community through Action-Oriented Community Diagnosis. Paper presented at the American Public Health Association, Boston, MA.
  • Cathorall, M. L., & Penprapa, S. (2005, April). Motorcycle Helmet Use and Head Injuries in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand: 2003-2004. Paper presented at the American Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance New Orleans, LA.
  • Cathorall, M. L., & Penprapa, S. (2004, March). Motorcycle Helmet Use in Mueang District, Chiang Mai and Mae Chan District, Chiang Rai, Thailand Paper presented at the American Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance Chicago, IL.
  • Cathorall, M. L., McMahan, S., & Romero, D. (2004, March). Cardiovascular Disease Risk and College Students: Do Men and Women Differ? Paper presented at the Gender and Scholarship Conference, Fullerton, CA.


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