Current classes

  • PBHE 111 Personal Health
  • PBHE 111 Personal Health, online
  • PBHE 213 Injury & Violence Prevention
  • PBHE 305 Principles and Foundations of Health Education
  • PBHE 355 Introduction to Public Health
  • PBHE 363 Public Health Policy & Management 
  • PBHE 405 Health Coaching
  • PBHE410 Environmental Health and Bioterrorism
  • PBHE 410 Environmental Health and Bioterrorism, online
  • PBHE 410-TS Environmental Health and Bioterrorism Perspectives in Costa Rica, Travel Study
  • PBHE 462 Worksite Health Promotion
  • PBHE 464 Death & Dying in Contemporary Society
  • PBHE 498 International Travel Study

Teaching Statement

My primary objective as a teacher is to help students move beyond remembering material to understanding and application.  I try to create an environment with opportunities to discuss the application of course material, emphasizing how it relates to other courses in the program and their lives.  Using a team based learning approach allows students more classroom time to apply the lecture material and discuss questions.  It also allows me an opportunity to see what parts of the material students may be having difficulty with.

Other classes taught

  • Community Observation and Assessment
  • Public Health Data Analysis
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