How to Participate

Enrolling for Academic Credit

Priority will be given to students who enroll in one of the following courses for credit:

  • PBHE 499-TS International Internship in Uganda
  • SPPA 414-TS – Special Topics in Speech-Language Pathology:  International Experiences
  • PBHE 498-TS Public Health Perspectives & Service Learning in Uganda, Africa   

The 6 credit hour International Internship satisfies degree requirements for PBHE majors.   

The 6 credit hour Special Topics in Speech-Language Pathology course will fulfill degree requirements in the areas of Cultural Diversity (3 credit hours required) and relevant electives (3 credit hours) for SPPA majors.  

The 6 credit hour Service Learning Independent Study course can be used as an elective to satisfy degree requirements for Public Health majors and minors.   

All courses satisfy the Global Cultural Experience (GCE) requirement for SIUE General Education Requirements.

Participating in the Trip – No Academic Credit

If you wish to participate in the Travel Study as an International Public Health experience, you may do so without registering for academic credit. 

Regardless of whether you enroll for ACADEMIC credit, participation requires completion of pre- and post-program steps including full attendance and completion of work-week assignments, and a presentation (typically a poster session) upon returning and during the Fall 2018 semester.

So, in summary, there are THREE ways to participate in the program:

  • Academic Credit in PBHE 499-TS or SPPA 414-TS
  • Academic Credit as an Independent Study/Service Learning Elective PBHE 498-TS
  • The trip itself (No Academic Credit)

The Study Abroad Office processes program applications through Terra Dotta. Please contact Kim Browning for more information and be prepared to complete the International Travel form. You must apply through the study abroad office AND register for one of the courses listed above to earn academic credit. 

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