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Information Technology Services
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Creating a new page

  1. Select and click on the folder where you want your page located.
  2. Click the New menu.
  3. Choose from these options:
    • Page - 1 Column Minimal
    • Page - 1 Column
    • Page - 2 or 3 Column
    • Page - Blank
  4. Enter text into the following fields:
    • System Name: the name that will appear in the URL address for your page.
      • Follow these naming conventions when entering the System Name:
        • Use all lowercase letters
        • Do NOT use spaces -- instead use an underscore (_) or dash (-)
        • Example: creating_pages
    • Title: enter a title for your page
      • can be seen in your breadcrumb and the title bar of your browser
      • Example: Creating A New Page
    • Keywords: words or phrases describing your page (used for search engine purposes)
    • Description: description of what your page is about
  5. Display Columns: choose from the following options.
    • Select Both if you want a 3 column page with both left and right navigation menus.
    • Select Left if you want a 2 column page with the left navigation menu only.
    • Select Right if you want a 2 column page with the right navigation menu only.
  6. Enter content in the WYSIWYG editor for the body of your page
  7. Click the Submit button to save your page.