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Smart Pen

Smart Pen

Using the SMART Sympodium

Many smart classrooms have smart boards, in place of monitors, called sympodiums. You can use these just as you would use any other smart board to write on the screen. Below are the tools available and a description of each.

Smart Top Buttons

  1. Select the Mouse cursor
  2. Draw with a black colored pen
  3. Draw with a blue colored pen
  4. Draw with a red colored pen
  5. Erase part or all of your drawing

    Smart Bottom Buttons

  6. Select the Right Mouse button
  7. Pop up the onscreen keyboard
  8. Open the SMART Notebook Software
  9. Take a screen capture of your current screen
  10. Show/Hide the tools on the screen
  11. Select the Right Mouse button

SMART Software

In addition to the SMART Sympodium, there is also SMART software installed on the computer. A SMART toolbar is located on the left side of the screen, that provides the same features as the hard buttons as well as a few other things.

smart toolbar

In addition to the SMART toolbar, the SMART Notebook software is installed as well. There is a great introduction to using SMART Notebook here:

SMART Notebook Tutorial

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