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SIUE Emeriti Faculty Association

The Emeriti Faculty Association is an Association for the SIUE emeriti faculty.  Founded in 2013, it provides a means for the emeriti faculty and their spouses/partners to remain active participants in the University community and to communicate with each other and with the University.  It will:

  • Sponsor various social and professional opportunities for emeriti faculty to share their interests
  • Communicate the activities of the emeriti faculty to the academic community
  • Promote use of emeriti faculty as mentors, advisors, teachers, research collaborators, and consultants
  • Enhance the interaction between the University and its emeriti faculty
  • Establish an Emeriti Faculty Fund to support the development and enrichment of the SIUE faculty.

Emeriti Faculty Associationg and Faculty Senate Awards for Fall Semester 2014

The EFA Awards Committee approved funding for three faculty projects

Darwin Day Lecture proposed by Richard Essner and David Duvernell of the Department of Biological Sciences.  Amount requested: $646 to supplement $500 allocation from departmental lecture fund; budget includes speaker expenses and cost of a reception.  Supported by Chair and Dean.   Proposal is to initiate an annual Darwin Day Lecture, given by well-known biologists, in order to highlight research in the field of evolutionary biology.  The Awards Committee approved funding this proposal because of its focus upon a critical topic not only for students within biology and its sub-fields, but also for the wider community.  The department, moreover, has tested the waters for initiating such an annual event by hosting a documentary and panel discussion about evolution vs. creationism earlier this year, an event that was attended by more than 150 individuals.  It also has considered the matter of sustainability and intends to establish a fund for Darwin Day Lectures in the future.

Academic Support Program Pilot Project proposed by Laurie Puchner, Chair of the Department of Educational Leadership.  Letters of support from Chairs of Curriculum & Instruction and Special Education, Kinesiology and Health Education, Psychology, English Language and Literature, and the Interim Dean of the SEHHB.  Amount requested: $1588 matched by $1588 allocation from the School for a total of one unit of released time for one faculty member (Dr. David Knowlton) to design, develop, and assess a pilot program during the current academic year in order to identify and support graduate students who require additional academic assistance in writing and/or critical thinking skills.  The program, to be developed by Educational Leadership, will subsequently be adapted for use in all departments of the School.  Known as the Academic Support Program (ASP), it will have two components: (1) a system of early identification of students requiring additional assistance and (2) an array of support options such as student-writing groups, a writing course, etc., tailored to meet individual needs.    Committed to helping all current students in need, the Department this past summer already piloted a writing course that carries no credit toward the students’ degree; 14 students who had been identified as having writing problems enrolled.  The        Department, however, wishes to create a sustainable plan for such support and is discussing support options with the Chair of English.  With the goal of improving student writing and analytical skills, student retention, and program quality, the ASP pilot project is a worthy endeavor, with a significant potential impact both in its implementation in the Department of Educational Leadership and in its adaptation for use in the other units of the School.  The project may well serve as a template for units across this university, too, as the School publicizes its results.

Scholarly Speaker Visit proposed by Helena Gurfinkel, Department of English Language and Literature.  Amount requested: $1700.  Letters of support from Chair and Dean.  This proposal is to invite a scholarly speaker to make a formal presentation and meet informally with faculty and students from across the campus, while also having sessions with graduate students in the English Department acquainting them with dimensions of life within the profession.  The proposed speaker is Dr. Christina Sharpe of Tufts University, a renowned scholar, with specializations in African American literature and literature of Africa.  Because of her stature as a scholar, she is able to offer mentoring and collaborative opportunities to the graduate students and at the same time draw a diverse audience of faculty and students, including those from Black Studies and Women’s Studies.  Her presence as a speaker at SIUE will enhance, moreover, the reputation of the university and, during this year of celebrating the 50th anniversary of PLL: Papers on Language and Literature, will bring attention to this fine journal of the English Department. The author of this proposal hopes that this speaker visit will be the foundation for a series of such scholarly visits, visits highlighting the different specializations within the English Department.

Upcoming Event

On Tuesday, October 21, 2014, the Emeriti Faculty Association will host a reception for the emeriti faculty, spouses, and guests. The Emeriti Faculty reception will give you an opportunity to see friends, meet colleagues, and renew acquaintances.

Hor d’oeuvres and refreshments from 4:30 – 6:30 at Birger Hall. Free parking.

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