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The SIUE MPA program accepts students each semester - Fall, Spring or Summer with no GMAT or GRE requirement.

Public Safety - 24785 - PAPA 599 - 901 – Meets Friday and Saturday – Jul 10-11, Jul 24-25 and Jul and Aug 1


Jay Keeven has enjoyed a comprehensive policing career with the Illinois State Police, a nationally recognized and accredited agency, providing senior management and leadership in the fields of administration, patrol, intelligence and investigations – achieving the rank of Major. Mr. Keeven is the Director of Police for the City of Edwardsville.

This graduate level course addresses many of the contemporary problems in American public security and policing, some of which have not changed since the founding of the republic while others were never conceived as a police function but have emerged as a result of adynamic society. The course focuses largely on a major element of public security and emergency preparedness in the United States, most notably local police and other first responders.  As such, emphasis is placed on the genesis of policing in the United States, the typesof police organizations in existence, who the police officers are, where they come from, what they actually do on the job and, whether or not their efforts are efficacious. Additionally, recent emergency security incidents are studied such as school shootings, hostagetakings, and lone wolf offender analyses.  Needless to say, this encompasses quite a bit of material and a micro assessment is beyond the scope of this single course. Nevertheless, the course has a strong local policing orientation wherein each student will be asked to think about their own local police department and whether or not it is providing quality public security; and whether their department, along with other enforcement agencies is prepared to handle significant emergency events.  


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