What's New with Paul!

F. Paul seems to like the new look of the homepage and I hope you do too.
His new novel DEEP AS THE MARROW was published back in April.

Derelict in the SciFi Channel's Dominion

It's a free interactive game that's been getting (according to one of the sysops) "a ton of hits."
Warning: there's a loooong wait while all 750k of graphics preload, but the wait is worth it: the game runs much faster as a result.

Here's what's in the works for F. Paul:

• April 97- DEEP AS THE MARROW hardcover
• May 97- "Aryans and Absinthe" (novella) in REVELATIONS
• September 97- "Aladdin's Mathquest" - an edutainment CD-ROM from Disney, script and design by Matt Costello and F. Paul Wilson, voices by Robin Williams and Jonathan Winters
• November 97- NIGHTKILL hardcover (a thriller co-written by Steven Spruill)
• November 97- MIRAGE paperback
• December 97- DIAGNOSIS: TERMINAL (an anthology F. Paul edited)
• April 98- MASQUE (formerly DNA WARS) hardcover (written with Matt Costello)
(optionedby Polygram Pictures for Tom Cruise!)
• August 98- LEGACIES hardcover (a NEW Repairman Jack novel)
• August 98- THE TOMB a slightly revidsed and updated re-issue from Tor
• December 98- THE BARRENS & OTHERS (short story collection) in hardcover from Forge
• April 99- NIGHTKILL paperback (written with Steven Spruill)
• October 1998 - "Syzygy" -- a black comedy of mystery, murder, and paranormal mayhem in three acts by F. Paul Wilson and Matthew J. Costello -- will open October 16, 1998 at the St. Augustine Amphitheater, St. Augustine, Florida. Admission is free. (for information, contact garrettp@aug.com)

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