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The Bone Yard

Dean R. Koontz, the bestselling author of Midnight and Cold Fire, introduces a boneyard of high talent terror, "a vehicle to provide writers with greater freedom to explore horror and dark fantasy." Here' s the bone chilling result ...

F. Paul Wilson
New York Times bestselling author of The Keep, Reborn and Awakening.

  • Feelings - A story of dismemberment, money, and madness ... Welcome to the wonderful world of medical malpractice.
  • Faces - Need a nose job? Meet the "Facelift Killer!"
  • Tenants - They're not human ... and they dont pay rent.

Sheri S. Tepper
Acclaimed author of The Revenants and The Gate to Woman's Country.

  • The Gardener - looking for an exciting career in landscape design? All you need is an eye for beauty ... and a seed for evil.

Ray Garton
Acclaimed author of Live Girls and Crucifax

  • Monsters - What really scares a horror writer? Only god - and Satan - know for sure...
Berkley Books, May 1991, $5.99 US
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The Tery

The Beauty
A wild girl, her only sin was that she was not telepathic.
The Beast
He looked like a bear, but thought - and felt - like a human boy.
... And the Secret Agent
Only he knows the secret of the bear-boy's intelligence and the wild girl's love, and only he can save them - and perhaps their world, as well.
Baen Books, New York 1990, $3.50 US
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Kara Wald thought she knew her sister Kelly. She was practical, down-to-earth, and just a bit dull. But then Kelly died after jumping - or being pushed - out of a twelfth-floor window of Manhattan's Plaza Hotel - wearing only a black garter belt and black stockings. And after having sex with two men. How could this have happened? Kara uncovers a bizarre and twisted world of sadistic sex and decadent violence - and something worse. Something strange and evil in her sister's past that she must conquer. Because as Kara herself slips into the kinky and dangerous world that killed Kelly, she realizes that it's coming after her.
Tor, New York 1991, $5.99 US
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The Select

Quinn Cleary has always wanted to be a doctor. She's smart, idealistic, and she's been poor too damn long. Now she's been accepted at The Ingraham, America's most prestigious medical school, where a few select students recieve the finest education in the country - free of charge. But something is terribly wrong at The Ingraham. First, Quinn notices subtle changes in the bright, hand-picked students - even her lover, Tim, has been acting strange. Then she stumbles upan the silent, staring patients in locked Ward. And finally, Quinn comes face-to-face with the chilling truth about The Ingraham - and about today's health care:
What every doctor knows... What every patient fears... And what now has one pretty med student running for her life...
Dell Publishing, May 1995, $6.50 US
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Dydeetown World


Soft and Others


Black Wind


An Enemy of the State


Wheels Within Wheels




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