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The Keep

The message is received from a Nazi commander stationed in a remote castle high in the Transylvanian alps: "Something is murdering my men." Immediately an SS extermination squad is sent to destroy whatever enemy dares challenge the might of the Third Reich. And the battle is joined. A battle more awesomely terrifying than anything ever experienced. Between the ultimate evil created by man ... and the unthinkable, undreamed of, undead horror, it had awakened from centuries of darkness to suck the life from living souls again.
Jove Books, New York 1981, $5.99 US, ISBN 0-515-08875-7
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The Tomb

Halfway around the world an evil is emerging from eons of darkness. Hungry for human flesh, released to hunt by a demonic power beyond time, beyond reason, beyond even memory. Sent to America to fulfill a curse that will seal the fate of a family, a man and the woman he loves, and an unsuspecting city. A curse as inescapable as
Jove Books, New York 1984, $5.99 US, ISBN 0-515-08876-5
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The Touch

It seeks but will not be sought.
It finds but will not be found.
It seeks the one who would touch.
Who would cut away pain and ill.
But it's blade cut's two ways...
Jove Books, New York 1986, $5.99 US, ISBN 0-515-08733-5
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A Nobel Prize - winning genetic researcher has died. Now his legacy - his vast fortune, his sprawling Victorian mansion, and his darkest secrets - will be passed on to a struggling writer named Jim Stevens. An orphan, Jim hopes the inheritance is a clue to his unknown origins. But his family and friends are plagued with apocalyptic warnings: "The Evil One is coming."
Jove Books, New York 1990, $5.99 US, ISBN 0-515-10343-8
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It will begin in the heavens ... Never in the history of the world had such a thing happened before - the delay of sunrise. At first, scientists thought it was a miscalculation, an error of time mesurement. But then came the strange winds, the volcanos, the swarms of devouring insects. And every man, woman and child on Earth knew it was not a natural catastrophe...
Jove Books, New York 1993, $5.99 US, ISBN 0-515-11159-7
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