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Jim Andris, Facebook

Dykes Find A New Home

from Moonstorm, Sept., 1975, Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. 10-11.

Two years ago a fledging Lesbian Alliance found a home for it's coffeehouse and business meetings in a Soulard back alley apartment.

Since, these early days the group grew in both number and activities, untill the little Soulard apartment was bursting at the seams. The search began for a new home in Nov., but no one wanted a group of homeless Lesbians. Finally, in March our search was ended, and a building in South St. Louis became our home. Now after much work fixing up the joint, the building is jumping with old activities and lots of new stuff.

The new place was an old bar, with an apt. upstairs. The bar room provides lots of space for Friday night coffeehouse. There's plenty of room for dancing, talking, as well as space for playing music, and films. We also just got a ping pong table, and hope soon to get a pool table.

The coffeehouse is open 9pm to 1am to all women. Entertainment is scheduled for every Friday night in August and September. Friday, Aug. 30, a talent show is being held. Everyone is encouraged to perform their secret talent, bird calls, tap dancing, comb playing, etc. Any woman interested in participating in the talent show and/or entertaining any Fri. night, contact Janice at 1-327-4285.

The newest L.A. committee is the Support Group. This group focuses on creating a supportive environment for women. The group will do what it can to provide temporary housing, transportation to LA events, and transportation in emergencies. Also the support group wants to get women together to talk, work, and play. To do this the support group is planning many new activities at the center - including workshops where women share their skills and interest, rap groups where women talk about their lives and interests, regular movies at the center, softball games on Sunday afternoons, and soon other sports and games: Some ideas for workshops are : yoga, photography, music, carpentary, communication skills, movement improvisations, electricity, auto mechanics and more. Anyone interested contact Anne at 1 327-4285. In 2 weeks a schedule of these activities will be posted at the Lesbian Alliance Center.

The new building also provides a permanent working space for Moonstorm. In order for MS to truly reflect the interest of the St. Louis Lesbian community, articles, letters and poems from all women are needed. The staff is at the center Monday nights from 8:00pm to 10:30pm. Call 664-7249 or write P.0. Box 4201, Tower Grove Station, St. Louis.

The legal group's office is also in the new building. This group takes care of the legal business of Lesbian Alliance and helps to serve the legal needs of women in the community. It does this through researching and making information available about our rights as women and lesbians. A pamphlet they put together called Homophile Community and the Law, has been available at bookstores, bars and women's events in the area for almost a year now. Also this group has information about legal resources in the area. People from the legal group can also be contacted at the center and the group is open to any women interested.

The business meetings take place on Sunday at 6 pm. They concern themselves with the maintenance of the building, and the coordination of all its activities and also provides a place for women to discuss issues that affect us all. The meetings are open to all women.

To find out about all LA activities the phone number at the center is 664-7249 and the P.0, box is P.O. Box4201, Tower Grove Station, St. Louis.