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Jim Andris, Aug. 4, 2011..

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This website has an ambitious purpose. For 33 years I was a professor of education and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. For 30 years of that professional life, I worked steadily as an out gay professor for the cause of lesbian and gay rights—as well as for women's and minority rights. I have a lot of historically significant memories, stories and materials, and some of these might actually be worth preserving. So I have started small, a year here, a progressive cause there, and I have put up primarily pictures, information and stories of gay rights—"gay" in its original generic sense. I suppose the current correct term is "queer." The mean kids on my block in my childhood did not call me "gay," they called me "queer," and they meant to hurt me. I fought back then, and I am still fighting back now. You don't mess with me.

So here they are, not just the events that I was involved directly in, but the people and events that I admire, that show courage, liberation and progressive values.