Main article on Gay Rights in 1977
    MLSC Letter
    gay rights are human rights come out and fight back
    Who are we?
    hurricane anita strikes again
    Anita in Joplin (two newsletter articles)
    MCC Singspiration Songbook from the 1970s)
    Wagaman recording of 2nd Annual Gay Rights Speakers
    Rev. Carol Cureton (MCC St. Louis)
    Larry Eggleston (Missouri Gay Caucus)
    Rick Garcia (Task Force for Human Rights)
    Jim Alexander (Dignity)
    Marvin Kabakoff (Midcontinent Life Services Center)
    Galen Moon (Midcontinent Life Services Center)
    Rev. Carol Cureton (MCC St. Louis)
    Rev. L. Troy Perry(United Federation MCC)
    Very Natural Thing Screening
    Jan 77 Prime Time
    Questions and Answers about MLSC (PT.01.77)
    Directory, Gay Organizations and Services (PT.01.77)
    Mar 77 Prime Time
    Here's What's Happening—Missouri Gay Caucus (PT.03.77)
    Working Together (PT.03.77)
    May 77 Prime Time
    Latest Developments in Dade County (Miami) (PT.05.77)
    St. Louis Fights Anita Benefit (PT.05.77)
    Jun 77 Prime Time
    Rick Garcia and the Task Force for Human Rights (PT 06.77)
    TFHR vs. Globe Democrat (PT 06.77)
    A Natural Thing by M. Kabakoff (PT 06.77)
    A Gay Evening on the Riverfront (PT 06.77)
    MCC ST. Louis Hosts Mid-Central District Conference: Prelude to Troy Perry's Visit June 9th (PT 06.77)
    Jul 77 Prime Time
    Rally at MCC June 9: Troy Perry(PT 07.77)
    St. Louis Gay Coalition Emerging (PT 07.77)
    NGTF Preparing a "We are your children" campaign (PT 07.77)
    Statement for the Missouri Gay Caucus: After Miami, What? (PT 07.77)
    Being Gay in St. Louis (PT 07.77)
    Aug 77 Prime Time
    Kansas City Gay Rights Rally (PT 08.77)
    Report from the Task Force(PT 08.77)
    Gay Coalition Meeting at MLSC (PT 08.77)
    Lesbian Rights Alliance (PT 08.77)
    Second Michgan Women's Music Festival (PT 08.77)
    NGTF Holds National Civil Rights Conference at Capitol (PT 08.77)
    Sep 77 Prime Time
    Benefit for TFHR (PT 09.77)
    Bar News (PT 09.77)
    Oct 77 Prime Time
    Supreme Court Ruling (PT 10.77)
    Nov 77 Prime Time
    Anita in Joplin (PT 11.77)
    News (PT 11.77)
    Christian Social Action Committee
    Ray Lake Letter of Appointment
    February 77
    March 77
    Letter to Ray Lake from James Conway
    Missouri Gay Caucus Letter May 77
    May 77
    June 77
    July 77
    August 77
    October 77
    November 77
    December 77
    January 78
    February 78
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