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Transportation Services

Transportation Services
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Driver Responsibilities

Only authorized employees may drive university vehicles. Authorization is obtained by filling out a Driver Approval Form. Please fill out the form and mail to Transportation Services, Box 1004 or fax to x3103. Additional training is required for employees who need to drive the 14-passenger buses or 12-passenger vans.

Driver Identification

Drivers of University vehicles may be required to present a valid driver's license and current SIUE ID to Transportation Services before a vehicle will be issued.

Mileage Verification

Drivers shall verify beginning and ending mileage(s) on the trip ticket provided for each trip.

No Smoking in any University vehicle.

The $25 cleaning fee will be charged to the department for any violation of the No Smoking Policy.

No Consumption of Alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol may not be consumed in the course of driving a University vehicle.

Legal Responsibility of Drivers

All traffic laws in the locality in which the vehicle is driven shall be obeyed. The University is not responsible in any way for traffic or parking violations by drivers of University vehicles.

It is the employee's responsibility to notify their supervisor, if their license is revoked, restricted, or suspended.

Operation, Security, and Personal Use of University Vehicles

Drivers shall use reasonable care in the operation and security of University vehicles while in his/her possession (the time the car is removed from the pool until the time it is returned). University vehicles may be parked in any University student or faculty lot (not metered parking spaces). Under no circumstances may a University vehicle be driven for personal use.

Passengers in SIUE Vehicles

Passengers in University vehicles shall be limited to employees and students of the University, others on University business, individuals engaged in courtesies by the University, and certain family members under appropriate policy.

Diesel Idling Law

Illinois Statute 094-0845 prevents stationary diesel vehicles of more than 8,000 pounds from idling for more than 10 minutes in the Chicago land area and in the St. Louis Metro-East Region. The law applies to vehicles operating in areas that do not meet federal air quality standards. It provides exemptions from the idling limits when the outdoor air temperature is below 32 degrees or above 80 degrees. Other exemptions are granted to account for emergencies, traffic congestion, loading/unloading, when drivers are sleeping in a sleeper berth, and certain other situations. A violator could be fined $50 for a first offense and $150 for a second or subsequent offense within any 12-month period. This law applies to state fleet vehicles.

Return of Vehicles

The driver shall return the vehicle to its proper location (on University premises) no later than the time designated on the trip card. Late vehicle returns will result in a late fee. Contact Transportation Services if delay is anticipated.

Vehicle Etiquette

The University Vehicles will stay cleaner and look better if everyone does their part. During peak times the Fleet vehicles cannot be cleaned between trips. After a trip please remove all food wrappers, beverage containers and other debris from the vehicle. If you are taking a group on a field trip or to an athletic event, have everyone pick-up their garbage on their way out of the vehicle. There is a garbage can by the gas pumps. If a vehicle is brought back with an exceptionally dirty interior, a cleaning fee will be added to the rental charge.

Accident/Damage Reporting

The driver is required by law and Transportation Services to report any accidents or damage to his/her assigned vehicle within 24 hours. In the case of an accident, a police report is required. For more information on this subject, contact Transportation Services (618) 650 - 3100 or view the Accidents/Breakdowns page.

Work Zone Fines

IDOT announced that Photo Speed Enforcement Vans will reduce work zone crashes and save lives. The goal is to protect lives of both workers and citizens traveling through work zones. The vans equipped with the latest photo radar technology designed to record the speed and capture clear images of the driver and license plate. Tickets will be sent by certified mail within six business days to offenders. Under the toughened work zone speeding fines, first time offenders face a $375 fine; second time offenders face a $1,000 fine and loss of license for 90 days.

Purchases for University Vehicles

Effective July 1, 1992, P.A. 97-373 requires that all University vehicles, if gasoline burning, must use gasoline containing ethanol. Therefore, drivers must only use ethanol blended gasoline in University vehicles.

Individually Assigned Vehicles

Effective July 1, 2012, In keeping with CMS Rules, 44 Illinois Administrative Code - Part 5040.340 and sate fleet policy, vehicles assigned to individuals must be authorized in writing within 30 days of assignment or when changes occur.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are normally provided for long trips. Credit cards permit the purchase of gasoline, oil, and other "incidental charges" required to properly maintain the vehicle when services are not readily available at the on campus facility. The driver shall retain all credit card receipts and turn them in to Transportation Services upon return from his/her trip. The use of credit cards is restricted to operation and maintenance of the vehicle only; drivers shall be personally responsible for credit card misuse (e.g., purchase of food, personal items, etc.).

Cash/Driver's Personal credit card purchases

Cash purchases for the operation and maintenance of vehicles is discouraged, unless the provided credit card is unaccepted. In such cases, receipts for cash expenditures are required by Transportation Services before drivers are reimbursed.

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