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Activity Report Information - System Tutorial

This document provides an overview of how to use the Activity Report system.

Logging in

You will receive an email whenever a new activity report is generated or when you still have outstanding activity reports. A link the the Activity Report site will be included in the email. You may also click here to go to the same web site.

Once you click a link to navigate to the web site, you will see the following SIUE log in screen. Enter your full SIUE email address and click next. Then, enter you e-ID password. This will be the same password that you use to access all other SIUE resources. 

e-ID Login Screen Image

Follow and respond to any additional prompts and continue to the Activity Report landing page.

Complete and Submit your Activity Report(s)

The Activity Reports Home page will look similar to the following image:

Activity Report Home Page

This screen has all activity reports that are or were assigned to you in the listed terms. Follow these steps to complete your activity report(s):

  1. Select one of the term tabs at the top of the screen. You will only be able to edit activity reports for current terms, which include any terms from summer through spring in a given academic year. The term tabs will appear as they do in the image below:

    Term Selection

    Any incomplete activity reports will be listed in the In Progress Recipient group for you. You should select the activity report entry to open the associated activity report for editing.
    In the example, Eddie Cougar has an activity report for budget purpose 743133, and it is not an overload. All overload activity reports will have a "300"  or "337" in the earn code field.

    In Progress Recipient

  2. Review the information at the top of the activity report for obvious errors, such as incorrect academic rank, budget purpose, or position information.

    Position Information

    These data are pulled directly from Banner, and the Banner data is based on contracts or EPAFs. If there are any errors within this section, you can follow the steps to correct them here

  3. Determine what Professional Activities you had in the selected term on this account and earn code. If you are unsure about what activities fall into which activity category, go here for additional guidance. 

  4. Enter any relevant activity information into the Explanation of description of activities text boxes under the appropriate Professional Activity category.
    Select, click, or hover over the blue circle symbol to get explicit advice on how to complete each activities' explanation of description of activities.

    Professional Activities

  5. Enter the average weekly hours you dedicate to each relevant activity category in the given term. Go here if you work variable hours or otherwise are unsure how many hours you worked for an activity report. 

  6. Once both activity information and hours are entered, review the total hours at the end of the selected activity report for reasonableness.

  7. If the hours appear reasonable, then you have finished entering your activity report information. Select the Submit Activity Report button at the top of the activity report to finish the selected activity report. A pop-up will appear like this one:

    Submission Popup

    Click the Submit Activity Report button to confirm your submission. If you are not yet ready to submit, click the Cancel button to return to the activity report data entry screen.

  8. Repeat steps 1-7 until you no longer have any activity reports in the In Progress Recipient group for any terms.

Additional Reference

To Correct Activity Report Errors

Please describe anything you believe is an error or would like corrected in the Common Corrections text box, as shown in the image below:

Common Corrections

The Office of Institutional Research and Studies (IR&S) will review these corrections and work to correct any of the errors included there. Please contact IR&S immediately if you cannot submit your activity report while these errors persist. You can find our contact information on the Activity Reports Home page at the very top, as shown here:

Contact Information


To Calculate Average Weekly Hours

The general methods for calculating average weekly hours differ based on your employment status, the appointment percents for your position(s), and the number of budget purposes/accounts you work from. While you should report actual weekly hours you typically worked in a term, you may use the following methods to estimate your average weekly hours:

Faculty will see the greatest variability in reported hours for their activity reports. You should enter the average weekly hours you dedicate to each activity on a specific budget purpose/account and then add up the activity hours for each activity report. The total hours you report across all your activity reports for a given term should round out to the total hours you worked on average in any given week in a term. If you are part-time faculty, you would likely report fewer hours relative to a full-time faculty appointment.

Professional staff usually work between 37.5 and 40 hours per week on a full-time appointment, and so their total hours should sum to their typical weekly work hours. If you are professional staff and your appointment is split across multiple budget purposes/accounts, you will need to split your total average weekly hours across all of your activity reports. If you are part-time professional staff, you should report the typical hours you work either on average or for most weeks in the selected term.

Administrators should generally report hours using the methods described for either faculty or professional staff as shown above. If you only work a typical 37.5 to 40 hour week in a term, you should use the method for professional staff. If your hours vary greatly from a typical full-time work schedule, you should follow the method for faculty instead.

Graduate assistant activity reports should typically report on the basis of their part-time appointment percent. For instance, a 50% GA/TA/RA should report 20 total hours for that activity report. In another case, a 25% GA/TA/RA would report 10 total hours for their activity report. Lastly, if you work from multiple budget purposes/accounts, you should report the hours dedicated to each account on their associated activity reports.

Overload activity reports are for work that exceeds the full-time workload of a faculty, administrator, or professional staff employee. Overload average weekly hours should usually be less than full-time hours. You can get your estimated total overload hours by multiplying the overload appointment percent by your regular total weekly hours. You could also enter the actual average weekly hours assigned to each activity if you know that they apply only to this overload.

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