-Explore & Encounter-

As inhabitants of Earth,

we live on one beautifully mysterious planet. We are constantly in awe of its wonders, yet many are not allowing themselves to completely take in what it has to offer. Through my website Explore & Encounter I hope to change that.

I want people to see the world.

Explore & Encounter invites individuals to step out from the day in and day out routine of life and into a land of exploration. By this I mean step out into the outdoors. I do not think people realize how many adventures the outdoors is offering to them, nor do I wish that anyone would be ignorant of this. To prevent this, Explore & Encounter reveals different activities to take on outside and provides suggestions for where to participate in them. The activities suggested include land, water, and thriller outings. With this, brief descriptions of each activity within these genres is explained and illustrated with either a photo or video. Safety tips are also provided throughout the website. Take a look.