2018 NSF-CBMS: Computational Methods in Optimal Control.

July 23-27, 2018, Jackson State University, Jackson, MS

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About Conference Flyer

Due to the growing complexity of optimal control applications, approximate solutions are often obtained by numerical algorithms, which requires deep understanding of numerical discretization and solution techniques. Dr. Hager will deliver ten main lectures on state-of-the-art computational methods on optimal control during the morning sessions, which are accompanied with guided computer lab sessions in the afternoon focusing on computer implementations of the discussed algorithms. The presented lectures and the corresponding monograph will provide both the background needed to analyze convergence of discrete approximations and solution techniques in optimal control, and practical experience in solving real-world problems. To complement the content of the main lectures, a few invited speakers will give additional introductory talks that focus on efficient numerical methods for solving optimal control problems whose dynamics are described by a partial differential equation.

As one of the largest Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in the United States, Jackson State University is an excellent location for hosting this conference, which will have a direct impact on training and attracting African-American students in the computational mathematics and statistical sciences doctoral programs and professions. The anticipated participants include senior and junior faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students. Some travel support will be provided to selected participants based on several criteria, such as relevance of research background, academic preparation, potential of long-term collaboration, and broader impacts.

Organizers: Dr. Tor A. Kwembe, Dr. Jun Liu, Dr. Yonghua Yan, Dr. Zhenbu Zhang


1400 John R. Lynch St. Jackson, MS, Mississippi

The conference will be held on the main campus of Jackson State University.

On-campus housing will be reserved for those supported participants who requested on-campus housing. Room detail.

Near-by Hotel: Jackson Marriott Downtown, 200 E Amite St, Jackson, MS 39201, Link to make online reservations, (601) 969-5100

Near-by Airport (20mins): Jackson--Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport (JAN) Link the airport information, (601) 939-5631

Near-by Train Station (10mins): Jackson, Mississippi Train Station (JAN) | Amtrak Link the Train Station information, (800) 872-7245


  • Dr. Hager William

    9:00am-12pm Computational Methods in Optimal Control

    Dr. Hager William @University of Florida

    Dr. Hager has been involved in research on numerical methods in optimal control for the past 45 years, and is an expert in this area. In particular, he has been a leader in the recent development of orthogonal collocation (pseudospectral) methods which have shown great promise. He is also managing editor of the journal Computational Optimization and Applications which has been an outlet for many papers in the area of numerical methods in optimal control. Dr. Hager was selected as a SIAM Fellow in 2015, for his contributions to optimal control, optimization theory, and numerical optimization algorithms. As an influential educator, Dr. Hager has advised about 20 Ph.D. students, many of whom are very productive as junior researchers. He has given more than 200 invited research presentations and lectures at numerous professional conferences and departmental colloquia. As a prestigious researcher, Dr. Hager has published more than 150 peer reviewed articles in high-quality journals and has reviewed numerous journal articles, books, and research proposals. Dr. Hager has been awarded almost 40 research grants from many different funding agencies, in- cluding NSF, ONR, ARO, AFRL, AFOSR, and DARPA.

  • Dr. Michael Hinze

    1:30pm-2:30pm TBA

    Dr. Michael Hinze @University of Hamburg

  • Dr. Matthias Heinkenschloss

    1:30pm-2:30pm TBA

    Dr. Matthias Heinkenschloss @Rice University

  • Dr. Suzanne Lenhart

    3:00pm-3:50pm TBA

    Dr. Suzanne Lenhart @University of Tennessee

  • Dr. Dmitriy Leykekhman

    1:30pm-2:30pm TBA

    Dr. Dmitriy Leykekhman @University of Connecticut

  • Dr. Anil Rao

    3:00pm-5:00pm Lab Sessions

    Dr. Anil Rao @University of Florida


Tentative daily schedule of the conference.

Time Slot Description
8:30-9:00am Check-in / Coffee -
9:00am-12pm Dr. Hager William Computational Methods in Optimal Control University of Florida 5 day lectures on computational methods in optimal control, focusing on discretization and solution techniques.
12pm-1:30pm Lunch -
1:30pm-2:30pm Dr. Michael Hinze TBA University of Hamburg TBA
1:30pm-2:30pm Dr. Matthias Heinkenschloss TBA Rice University TBA
3:00pm-3:50pm Dr. Suzanne Lenhart TBA University of Tennessee TBA
1:30pm-2:30pm Dr. Dmitriy Leykekhman TBA University of Connecticut TBA
2:30pm-3:00pm Coffee-break -
3:00pm-5:00pm Dr. Anil Rao Lab Sessions University of Florida Tutorial lectures on GPOPS-II optimal control software (http://www.gpops2.com/)
5:00pm-7:30pm Group dinner (Tuesday) -




Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the organizers:

Dr. Tor A. Kwembe, tor.a.kwembe@jsums.edu, (601) 979-2161

Dr. Jun Liu, juliu@siue.edu, (618) 650-2220

Dr. Yonghua Yan, yonghua.yan@jsums.edu, (601) 979-3762

Dr. Zhenbu Zhang, zhenbu.zhang@jsums.edu, (601) 979-3752


Below is a list of comfirmed participants that receiving the travel support:

Full Name:Affiliation:
Buddhika Priyasad Sembukutti LiyanageThe University of Memphis
Christie MauretourUniversity of Florida
Christina EdholmUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville
Eric NumforAugusta University
Eva CominoUniversity of Southern Mississippi
He YangAugusta University
Ibrahim Halil AslanUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville
Irina KarevaUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst
Jaeyoun OhUniversity of Southern Mississippi
James D DiffenderferUniversity of Florida
Mahir DemirUniversity of Tennessee, Knoxville
Mahya AghaeeUniversity of Florida
Marcelo BongartiUniversity of Memphis
Nguyen-Truc-Dao NguyenWayne State University
Pamela GuerreroUniversity of Memphis
Qicai LiNorth Carolina State University
Rainey LyonsUniversity of Louisiana at Lafayette
Shuai YuanUniversity of South Carolina at Columbia
Sijing LiuLouisiana State University
Srijana GhimireUniversity of Louisiana at Lafayette
Stephen GuffeyUniversity of Memphis
Subhash SubediUniversity of Louisiana at Lafayette
Subhashree MohapatraIndependent
Summer R AtkinsUniversity of Florida
Sutthirut CharoenphonUniversity of Memphis
Vladislav BukshtynovFlorida Institute of Technology

Below is a list of local and other registered participants

Full Name:Affiliation:
Herious A CottonJackson State University
Carolyn Davis Jackson State University
David RopJackson State University
Demetria Howard WhiteJackson State University
Djiby FallNew York University Abu Dhabi
Haitao GongJackson State University
Ningning WangJackson State University
Renee DaleLouisiana State University
Robin GhoshJackson State University
Roy A. McCannUniversity of Arkansas
Saadat J Faizi Jackson State University
Tor A KwembeJackson State University
Yonghua YanJackson State University
Zhenbu ZhangJackson State University