SIUE travels to Ghana
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Located in Accra, the capital of Ghana, our aim is to reach out to individuals and communities on issues about communicable diseases, especially HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections (STI) and tuberculosis (TB). We educate on the prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT), empower people living with HIV (PLHIV) and help improve their self sufficiency. Our clinic in Accra is open to all people in need of medical assistance. The Foundation provides assistance to entrepreneurs and their businesses in a way that many entrepreneurs find convenient and most enabling. We not only provide capital, but facilities, support, information and expertise as well. POSDEV has a mission to: Promote and advocate for a participative and self-reliant grassroots movement that is empowered to take charge of its development needs.  Promote and advocate for cooperation among member organizations so as to create a self reliant Africa, basedon grassroots movements And much more.... The primary objectives of THE TRUST HOSPITAL are:  Provision of quality health care to the community.  Patient transfers and medical evacuation.One stop medical service facility. The HealthKeepers Network (HKN) integrates a private sector business approach to serve a public health need by addressing the bottleneck in the delivery of health products and information and making it a smart business opportunity for local entrepreneurial men and women. It combines health protection with a financially self-sustaining business model to extend health products and information to people in rural and underserved areas by employing a proven franchise system supported by a sustainable distribution system. And many other organizations Our 2010 Trip: Our 2011 Trip:
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