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Figure 1. Jeanne Moreau and Jean-Luc Bory in Louis Malle's The Lovers (1958)



Beowulf and the Floating Wreck of History



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Figure 2. Jeanne Moreau as Marguerite Duras in Cet amour-là (2001)


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a peer-reviewed journal in medieval cultural studies, launched in 2010, published quarterly; a production of the BABEL Working Group and Palgrave Macmillan; Eileen Joy and Myra Seaman, Editors; awarded the 2011 PROSE Award by the American Publishers Association for Best New Journal in the Humanities & Social Sciences and also the 2012 Award for Best New Journal by the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers

Vol. 1.1/2 (Spring/Summer 2010): When Did We Become Post/human? (Editors: Eileen A. Joy and Craig Dionne)

Vol. 1.3 (Fall/Winter 2010): Critical Exchanges: Bruce Holsinger's The Premodern Condition/The State(s) of Early English Studies

Vol. 2.1 (Spring 2011): The Animal Turn (Editors: Karl Steel and Peggy McCracken)

Vol. 2.2 (Summer 2011): The Medievalism of Nostalgia (Editors: Helen Dell, Louise D'Arcens, and Andrew Lynch)

Vol. 2.3 (Fall 2011): New Critical Modes (Editors: Jeffrey Jerome Cohen and Cary Howie)

Vol. 3.1 (Spring 2012): Becoming Media (Editors: Jen Boyle and Martin Foys)

Vol. 3.2 (Summer 2012): Disability and the Social Body (Cluster Editor: Julie Singer)

Vol. 3.3 (Fall 2012): Cognitive Alterities/Neuromedievalism (Editors: Jane Chance and Antony Passaro)

Vol. 3.4 (Winter 2012): The Intimate Senses (Editors: Holly Dugan and Lara Farina)

Vol. 4.1 (Spring 2013) Ecomaterialism (Editors: Jeffrey Jerome Cohen and Lowell Duckert)

Vol. 4.2 (Summer 2013) Medieval Mobilities (Editors: Laurie Finke, Kathleen Kelly, and Martin Shichtman)

Vol. 4.3 (Autumn 2013) FAULT (Cluster Editor: Anna Klosowska)

a semi-annual, online & open-access feature of postmedieval: a journal of cultural studies, edited by Holly Crocker, featuring short responses, as well as dialogue and debate, relative to essays, reviews, and special issue topics appearing in regular issues of the journal.

a peer-reviewed, open-access, and post-disciplinary journal, launched in 2011, devoted to object-oriented studies, both situated within and traversing the humanities, sciences, social sciences, and the arts. The journal invites new work that explores the weird realism, thingliness, and life-worlds of objects, and also aims to cultivate current streams of thought already established within object-oriented studies, while also providing space for new pathways along which disparate voices and bodies of object-oriented knowledges might encounter, influence, perturb, and motivate one another. A production of punctum books; Levi Bryant and Eileen Joy, Editors.

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Figure 3. Catherine Deneuve in Roman Polanski's Repulsion (1965)


Selected Posts:

Run, the Future is Coming! Or, Maybe Stand Still and Help to Manifest It? That's the Clockless Nowever Present! (15 May 2013)

A Welcoming Pavilion of Thought: Weird Reading (13 April 2013)

The Ultimate Rear-Avant-Garde: A Radicant-Altermodern Medieval Studies (9 January 2013)

Two Roads Diverged In a Yellow Wood, and I, I Took the One Less Travelled By: Why I Resigned My Professorship (7 October 2012)

These are the Tiny Engines that Power the Sails of Our Adventure: Friendship as a Way of Life (26 September 2012)

The Trust We Hold With Each Other: Why the Wayne State University Situation Matters (11 August 2012)

Disintegrating Allure: A Call for a New Commentariat (27 July 2012)

I'll Take My Medieval Studies Flash-Mobbed and Viral and On the Rocks, Please (17 May 2012)

Like a Radio Left On / On the Outskirts of Identical Cities: Living (with) Fradenburg (5 May 2012)

Fuck Pessimism: Embrace Youngsterism (14 January 2012)

No, Jeffrey Williams, the "Life" of the Theory Journal Has Not Been Brief, It Is Only Beginning (4 November 2011)

I'll Stop the World and Melt With You: A Plea for Inextricability, for Staying Awake, and an Insomniac Humanities (12 October 2011)

Everything We Think Can In Principle Be Thought By Someone Else: A Plea for Open, Collective Scholarship (7 September 2011)

Peer Review, Once More, But This Time With Feeling (13 August 2011)

Willingly Playing the Role of Thing: The Hopes of Persons as Transitional Objects (19 April 2011)

Quasi-Objects and the Interconnectedness of Everything with Everything Else: A Response to Stuart Elden at "Progressive Geographies" (2 February 2011)

Our Wayward and Flickering Existence: Notes Toward an Infinite Regress Historicism (24 December 2010)

Mattering, the Middle Voice, and Magnanimous Self-Donations: A Response to Jeffrey's "Queering the In/Organic" (5 September 2010)

Floundering Around Together: Medieval Blogging Redux (2 July 2010)

It's Never Enough, or, On Being Fucked Up (17 May 2010)

Embracing the Swerve: A Fugitive Medieval Studies (4 April 2010)

Some Other Kind of Relation That is Not Just Possible But Already at Work: Reading, Criticism, Interpretation (30 October 2009)

As Though It Were the Writer's Duty to Create Hope, But Out of What? A Response to "The Language That Locks Others Out" (18 August 2009)

The Arrested Deployment of the Orgies of Childhood: Bersanian Relationalities, Part I (18 June 2009)

And Then There Was One: A Semi-Erotic Anti-Hagiography (2 June 2009)

Some More Thoughts on Pleasure, Even More on Wonder, and Also, Some Regrets: Could Our Medieval Studies, the One We Want, Also Be a Pleasure Garden? (17 May 2009)

While I Was Counting My Pleasures, I Fell Asleep and Dreamed that All My Thoughts Were a Paper Sculpture Garden: A Dialogue with Julie Orlemanski (14 May 2009)

A Time in Which Vagabonds and Skinny Dogs Wander in the Grey Fog: On Sadness (17 April 2009)

Faith of a Kind: Aggressive Hermeneutics, Felicitous Weak Ontologies, and the Possibility of Interpretive Communities (14 March 2009)

Not Yet Living at the Same Time with the Others: Prendergast, Trigg, and Dinshaw on Medievalism and the Supernatural (22 February 2009)

3 Posts on Elizabeth Freeman's Erotohistoriography:

Having the Stubbornness to Accept My Gladness in the Ruthless Furnace of the World: Cruising a Possibilistic, Potential Medieval Studies (29 November 2008)

Like an Old Inscription That Has Been Scratched Away and Covered with Leaves: A Meditation on the Face (19 October 2008)

Silence Makes Up the Bulk of My Estate: The Burden of History--Not Then, or Later, But Now (21 September 2008)

What Lies Before Us: Old English Studies, the Agon of Thought, and Our Moments of Unknowingness (22 August 2008)

Time is the Question of the Subject Seized by His or Her Other: The Intensities of an Ardor of a Different Kind in Carolyn Dinshaw's Queer Historicism (10 August 2008)

Of Hospitals, Waiting Rooms, and Singular Unable Bodies (6 June 2008)

Dispatches from the Queer Future, Part I: Happiness, Killjoys, Sticky Objects, and a Plea for Arrested Development (30 May 2008)

It Is Understood By This Time that Everything Is the Same Except Composition and Time: Joan Retallack's The Poethical Wager (3 May 2008)

Towards a Restless Medieval Studies: Redux (29 April 2008)

Here Now Is One Who Will Increase Our Loves: On the Virtues (and Loves) of Beautiful Singularities (11 March 2008)

Between What Is Ours and What is Not Ours: Cary Howie's Claustrophilia, Anachronism, Friendship, and an Open Letter to My Profession (24 Feb. 2008)

The Other Middle Ages, A Place to Believe In, and the Fluidity of Frontiers (17 Feb. 2008)

Tracks Leading to Various Aspects of Existence that are Inaccessible by Any Other Means: Why I Teach Literature (30 Jan. 2008)

The Weight of History, A World Without Force, and The Wind That Shakes the Barley (7 Dec. 2007)

Medieval Studies, Unsettled Subjectivity, and the Thousand Tiny Itinerants of Saint Guthlac's Body (18 Nov. 2007)

The Loving Hope of Working Groups and Humanist Desiring-Revolutions (2 Nov. 2007)

Art Reveals More of Life Than Life Does: Heterosexuality, Erotohistoriography, and Our Perverse Desire for a Pleasurably Queer Medieval Studies (7 Oct. 2007)

Selected Posts:

Signaling to Each Other from Inscrutable Depths: A Response to Gabrielle Spiegel's "'Getting Medieval': History and the Torture Memos" (27 March 2009)

I'm a Pleasure Seeker, Looking for the Real Thing: We Are All Presentists Now (14 July 2008)

Figure 4. Emmanuelle Béart and Fanny Ardant in Anne Fontaine's Nathalie (2003)




Figure 5. Irene Jacob in Krystof Kieslowski's The Double Life of Veronique (1991)





Figure 6. Daniel Auteil and Juliette Binoche in Michael Haneke's Caché (2005)


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Figure 7. Irene Jacob and Philippe Volter in Krystof Kieslowski's The Double Life of Veronique (1991)


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